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Center for Economic Education and Entrepreneurship

The Center for Economic Education and Entrepreneurship is dedicated to support K-12 educators, K-16 students, and parents of students about the economic way of thinking in the context of a free market system and instilling in them an appreciation for these useful tools and their applications.

About the Center

The NMU-CEEE provides a variety of services, programs and resources including K-12 educator training programs, professional developmentAlbert_Beekhuis_Award._2012_tsmall.PNG workshops, graduate courses and more. Look for a our programs in this website and in our Facebook page.

The NMU-CEEE is the recipient of the 2012 Albert Beekhuis Center of Excellence Award from the National Council for Economic Education.


2019 Financial Literacy Activities: Poster Contest for April Financial Literacy Month

CalendarCover_0.pngThe NMU-CEEE is organizing a poster contest on financial literacy for elementary and middle school students in the U.P. The pictures of the finalists and winners will be included in a 2019-2020 calendar.

Contest Rules: 

One submission per person. Must Cover One of the Financial Literacy Topics, below. 

Posters must be designed on a 8.5” by 11” piece of paper. No 3d Artwork.

Financial Literacy Topics 

Elementary School: Saving. Income. Spending. Money. Giving to charity. Expenses 

Middle School: Banking. Taxes. Budgeting. How credit works. Comparison shopping. Loans 

How to Submit Poster: 

1.Turn into your teacher. 2.Your teacher will mail your submissions to: Ryan Meister/CEEE Northern Michigan University 1401 Presque Isle Ave. Marquette, MI 49855 3. Posters are due Friday, April 19th. *Must be postmarked by this date.

 Teachers can get lesson plans on these topics at www.moneysmartweek.org/kids#teacher 

 You can download the 2018 copy here


2019 Economics Challenge and Personal Finance Challenge

Register your high school teams to compete in these prestigious national competitions. Those who qualified for the State Finals in March will receive support to attend the competition downstate. For more information and registration click HERE for the Economics Challenge, and HERE for the Personal Finance Challenge.


Workshop was offered with the Foundation for Teaching Economics: Fundamentals of Environmental Economics

We offered  a one-day workshop on March 14 for educators and advanced Education students so they can incorporate environmental economic concepts into their classes. The focus of the program was on developing market solutions to environmental issues and incorporated a variety of lecture/discussion sessions and case studies / simulations adapted for classroom use. Twenty-three educators participated in the program.

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Future students earn digital badges prior to arriving on NMU’s campus. Each can be placed on your resume, college application, and social networking site. Learn more <a href="http://www.nmu.edu/ceee/badges">here</a>.The CEEE offers a course as part of Action in Education Summer Institute. The childrenIn winter and spring: The UP Economics and Personal Challenges for HS students and the UP Economics Poster Contest for ES and MS students. More here: <a href=http://www.nmu.edu/ceee/economics-challenge-2015#overlay-context=home-page">Econ Challenge</a> and <a href="http://www.nmu.edu/ceee/sites/Drupalceee/files/UserFiles/PosterContestUP.PDF">Econ Poster</a>. And starting 2016 Personal Finance Challenge for HS students.Common Sense Economics for Life online course for high school teachers: economics and personal finance. After successful completion, earn a certificate and the course package (videos, quizzes, exams, exercises, interactive activities). This 15-week college-level course begins on Sept 14th. More here: <a href="http://www.commonsenseeducation.net/courses/cs_economics/adopter/e1000.php">CSE</a> The CEEE is the proud leader of the "Your Wealth" lecture series. Learn more about recent speakers at <a href="http://www.nmu.edu/yourwealth/">nmu.edu/yourwealth</a>.Hugo Eyzaguirre and Tawni Ferrarini of NMU

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