Resources for Faculty

Let Career Services help you - We work with students and alumni on career exploration and planning.  We do this through creating career goals, exploring careers in their fields, and developing job search skills. If one of your course objectives is planning for career-readiness, let us help!

Classroom Presentations

We have presented in a wide variety of classrooms, from UN 100 to senior capstone courses.  We’ll work with you to determine the appropriate topic, and tailor the presentation to your course.  Some of the interactive presentations we’ve done include:

  • Building a Resume or CV
  • Preparing for Interviews
  • Using Social Media in the Job Search
  • Connecting Majors to Careers
  • Services Offered by Career Services

Going to be out? Don't cancel class!  Call our office to see if you can schedule a presenter instead.

Resume Assignment Assistance

Some instructors like to ensure their students upload resumes to Handshake. If you provide a class list, we can check students off as they submit their resumes and/or cover letters. Other instructors have required students to make a one-on-one appointment to review their resumes – if this sounds good, just give us a call to prepare our adviser.

Job Fair Check-in

Some faculty members have also made job fair attendance required. For those who would like to make sure their students attend, we can have students check in from a provided class roster.


With our Handshake system, employers are allowed to create accounts and post jobs. For more information on using Handshake on-campus (including being able to see the site from the student's prospective), click here