Student Employment Handbook

The Hiring Process

There are four major steps in the student hiring process:

  1. The appropriate staff should determine the level and pay rate of the position.
  2. The position should be posted with Career Services.
  3. Students should be interviewed and selected based on job-related qualifications.
  4. The appropriate documentation must be processed once the student is hired. This includes entering the student into the UltraTime payroll system.

The staff in Career Services is available to assist departments with any aspect of this process.


The following categories may be used to determine the appropriate pay range for a student job description.  The following tables outline the student employment levels and pay rates that have been adopted:

Employment Level
Minimum Qualifications
Level 1
  • Basic entry levels skills
  • Limited experience
  • Cashier
  • Stock Clerk
  • Custodian
  • Receptionist
  • Data Entry
  • Assistant Student Supervisor
  • Artist
  • Photographer
Level 2
  • Advanced skills, training, or experience specifically related to the position
  • Student Manager
  • Student Supervisor
  • Security Personnel
Level 3
  • Specialized training and/or academic background related to the position
  • Teaching/Research Assistant
  • Lab/Medical Tech
  • Computer Programmer



In no case may a student be paid less than the federal minimum wage ($8.15 as of September 1, 2014).  The University’s maximum student wage is $11.20.  Exceptions to the student maximum wage must have your divisional Vice President’s approval and the documentation must be sent to the Payroll Department.


Recommended Schedule 
Employment Level
Minimum Rate
Maximum Rate
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
  • Individual hiring departments are responsible for placing their student employees in the
    appropriate Employment Level based on the tables above; and
  • There may be some overlap in the hourly wage from one Employment Level to the next. For
    example, someone employed at Level 1 may be earning more than someone at Level 2.
    This is because the student employed at Level 1 may have been in their position longer,
    may be responsible for training new student staff, may possess very specialized skills and abilities, etc.



All departmental work study and regular student labor openings can be posted through Career Services.  Departments interested in listing open positions should complete the job posting form at or contact Career Services with the relevant information (e.g., qualifications, shifts available, contact person, department, work study required, etc). Once the position is filled, please notify Career Services to remove the posting to avoid further inquiries. 

Employers are also encouraged to provide written or verbal feedback to students who applied and were not selected for the position.   Feedback should definitely be provided to any student that interviewed for the job.  A rejection letter lets the student know to continue his/her job search and may help the employer to avoid additional inquiries. Click here to view sample appointment and rejection letters.

Employer Tip!
You can complete an on-line job posting form by clicking here!

To post your open position, complete an on-line posting form or contact Career Services by:


Career Services
3302.3 C.B. Hedgcock
Phone : 227-2800
Fax: 227-2807



For many students, interviews for on-campus positions are their first experience with employment searches.  By conducting effective interviews, employers not only increase the likelihood of placing the best person in the position, but can also provide an excellent educational opportunity for all applicants. 

Keep in mind that The Equal Employment Opportunity Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act prohibit employers from requesting specific information that could be used for discriminatory purposes.  Interviews should include only job-related questions and information.  Departments assigning a student to confidential areas may want to consider a reference check before hiring the student.

Click here to access on-campus employment applications and view sample illegal and legal interview questions to help you successfully plan your interview process.  Employers can also contact Career Services for assistance with developing an effective and legal interviewing process.



Once you've hired the best person for the job, the following processes will need to be completed:

1. Each student must fill out an I-9 form with the employing department. The original MUST be sent to Human Resources (do not keep a copy in the department's file). Required documents that must be verified are listed on the I-9 form. This process MUST be completed within 3 days of hire. Failure to do so will result in the student's check being held and a possible fine to the University.

2. Each student must fill out federal and state W-4 forms with the employing department. Completed W-4's MUST be sent to Human Resources. This process MUST be completed within 3 days of hire. Failure to do so will result in the student's check being held and a possible fine to the University.

Federal I-9 and W-4 forms online. (These forms can be filled out before they are printed)
Michigan W-4 form online.

3. The employing department will need to enter a student's information into UltraTime.

If the student has worked on-campus previously, simply contact the Human Resources to add the student to a new department. In order to use the UltraTime payroll system, you will need a password which must also be assigned by the Human Resources Department. Once a supervisor has access to the UltraTime system new student employees can be added under the "Employee" section. With the use of this system, a student's time can be input by 3 possible methods: the student clocks in and out by swiping their ID card (for departments with time clocks); a student is given access to enter their hours worked; the student's supervisor may enter the hours worked. Every two weeks the supervisor will use UltraTime to process student payroll.

Questions regarding the use of UltraTime should be forwarded to the NMU Payroll Department at 227-2330.