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Step 3: Recruit a Qualified Intern

Now that you have started laying the foundation for your internship program by setting goals and developing work plans and job descriptions, it is time to begin the recruiting process. NMU has great resources for you to find the perfect intern!


Our full-service online system helps you streamline employment-related tasks:

  • Posting jobs and internships
  • Searching qualified candidates’ resumes and profiles
  • Creating on-campus recruiting events
  • Registering for career fairs

Create your free account at https://nmu.joinhandshake.com.

If you have questions about how to use Handshake, please check out our FAQ page.   

Enlist Our Help

We can take that extra step for you, and send targeted emails about your internship position – directly to the students you choose!  Seniors in network computing, sophomores in graphic design, just let us know!  We’ll also send the information to the relevant department heads and faculty.

All internships/jobs in the Upper Peninsula automatically post to our Twitter feed (@NMUCareerServic).

If you’re looking for recent grads for interns, we can help connect you with the NMU Alumni office and their extensive LinkedIn network.  

Summer Employment Fair

Each February, we host the Summer Employment Fair – an event especially for employers who are looking for temporary/seasonal help, including full- and part-time summer employees or interns.  For more information, log in to Handshake, or visit www.nmu.edu/careerservices/jobfairs.        

On-Campus Recruiting

We can set up on-campus opportunities for you to get your information out to students, as well as interview interested students. 

  • Private interview rooms can be reserved for pre-scheduled or walk-in interviews
  • Resume collection and forwarding
  • Conference rooms for information sessions and/or group testing

Find out more here: Recruiting at NMU

Additional Tools

Consider using social media outlets to post information about openings and application procedures. To start, we particularly like:


Ideally, begin searching three to four months before you expect an intern to start working.

Give ample lead-time to potential candidates to apply and begin the screening/interview process.


For resources regarding how to hold interviews, please visit our Interview Process page.  


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