News for NMU Employees


Eileen Smit (Nursing) and Mary Jane Tremethick (Health and Human Performance) coauthored two recent publications. “Preceptorship in an international setting: Honduran nurses and American nursing working together” appeared in Nurse Educator. It addressed the unique and valuable learning opportunity available to U.S. nursing students through an international service-learning program in a developing country that incorporates local, in-country preceptors. Exploring the experiences of these preceptors and their American nursing students makes a needed contribution to the literature and guides the development of international service-learning programs that meet the needs of both preceptors and students. Their second publication, “Honduran Nurses’ Work-Related Rewards and Challenges: Implications for International Service Learning and Collaboration,” appeared in The American Nurses Association Online Journal of Issues in Nursing. They described the current status of healthcare in Honduras, a frequent destination for service-learning initiatives, and their study to learn about the work of the Honduran nurses with whom healthcare providers and students work.

A paper by Phil Watts (Health and Human Performance) titled “Oxygen uptake and energy expenditure for children during rock climbing activity” was published in Pediatric Exercise Science. Nearly 30 children participated in the study. A commercially available rock climbing structure with ample features for submaximal effort climbing provided continuous terrain. The rock climbing tasks employed in this study produced energy expenditure levels similar to what have been reported in children for star climbing, sports/game activities and easy jogging.  The metabolic rates of the children during the climbing exercise were 5-7 times resting levels and met the criteria for exercise that would develop physical fitness.