News for NMU Employees


Renxin Yang’s (Sociology and Anthropology) new poetry collection, The Native Spirit, has been published by Zhejiang University Press. The cover is pictured. Parts I-III were written in Chinese and Part IV in English. The book is an extension of her first published collection, Floating Wildflowers. It further explores the integration of sociological perspectives in poetry. It also expands both in depth and scope on a wide range of topics pertaining to the complexities and contradictions of globalization and localization; the fast food mentality and medicalization of some social problems; high-tech development and the de-personalization of human interactions; the fragmentation and integration of the mind, body and soul; the struggle of conscience over the insatiable desires incited by consumerism and materialism; and the pursuit of Native Spirit to foster harmony between human society and the natural environment.

G. J. Zalmai and Qinghong Zhang (Mathematics and Computer Science) co-authored three articles with the opening title, “Optimality Conditions and Duality Models for Continuous Minmax Fractional Programming Problems Containing Generalized (F,b,phi,rho,theta)-Univex Functions and Arbitrary Norms.” Presented in three parts, all were published in the Journal of Advanced Mathematical Studies.  Part I focused on necessary and sufficient optimality conditions, Part II on first-order duality models and Part III on second-order duality models.

Tawni Ferrarini (Economics) was quoted in a Detroit Free Press article titled “Innovators work to diversify the U.P. Economy.” Ferrarini is the Sam M. Cohodas Professor at NMU. Her student assistant, Laura Leppanen, published a lesson plan titled “The Crow and the Pitcher” on the peer-reviewed website EconEdLink, a resource database for economics educators. The lesson plan is based on a fable and designed to teach elementary school children the concepts of scarcity and trade in an economic setting.