NMU TEAM Business


TEAM Business is a student organization affiliated with the College of Business at NMU. TEAM stands for Training, Education, Application, and Mastery. TEAM Business serves as a student led, student run consulting agency that helps pair NMU students with local businesses. This provides students with a way to take the skills they learn in the classroom and apply them to a real world setting. Additionally this helps local businesses grow while giving them a unique and fresh perspective on their business model.


TEAM can provide assistance to businesses of all shapes and sizes. During the winter semester of the 2014 school year students involved in the TEAM program worked on two main pilot projects; the Jacobetti Complex Rebranding and All Natural Greens.


For the Jacobetti project students worked within Northern Michigan University to help develop a campaign to rebrand the Jacobetti Complex, home to the engineering and technology programs at NMU, to the CIIT, or Center for Innovation and Industrial Technology. This project started as an attempt to develop an entire campaign for the rebranding process, but ended up as simply a way to increase knowledge of the center throughout the campus of NMU. After partaking in numerous focus groups TEAM members helped develop a strategy to inform other members of the student body of all of the programs available at the Center.


All Natural Greens is an aquaponics farm located in Marinette, WI. All Natural Greens produces organic veggies as well as tilapia. The project focused on improving the companies marketing tactics as well as developing more efficient channels of distribution. Early in the semester TEAM members were able to go and visit the facilities, take photographs of the facilities for marketing materials and conduct interviews with staff to help determine possible solutions for distribution channels. Over the course of the rest of the semester great strides were made in developing the company's website as well as improve their social media presence. All Natural Greens was also able to secure a more reliable channel of distribution for both their tilapia as well as their produce resulting in a higher net income for the company!

Jacobetti Rebranding Project
All Natural Greens Project

In the Fall semester of 2014 TEAM Business has taken on two new projects. The first is a nonprofit start-up titled ‘CoderDojo906’, which aims to teach the community’s youth computer coding skills. The second is a project with Wealth Strategy Group of Marquette that aims to help people better plan for retirement through an online software application.


Currently, TEAM Business is in its start-up phase and is looking for both local businesses to help consult as well as any NMU students to help fill its ranks. Students do not need to be a business-related major to join. If you’re interested in helping TEAM Business please reach out to us via email at nmuteambusiness@gmail.com, or follow us on facebook or linkedin @ NMU TEAM Business.