Internship Program Application Checklist

Please make sure you have the following items completed when you submit your internship materials to Dr. Stacy Boyer-Davis, for Accounting, Finance and Information Systems OR Dr. Brian Zinser,, for Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

___ 1. Completed internship application form (see internship application form)
___ 2. Copy of your current resume
___ 3. Unofficial copy of your NMU transcript
___ 4. Memorandum / letter from the company you are doing the internship with, delineating the tasks, job responsibilities, rate of compensation, etc. that will be part of your internship (i.e., this should be a 1-2 page letter or memo from the manager / supervisor you would be working with during the internship).
___ 5.

Complete contact information for the manager or immediate supervisor you will be working with during your internship; this information should include:

      Full Name
Job Title
Mailing Address
Telephone Number
Fax Number
Email Address
___ 6. Estimate of the number of hours you will be working (as part of the internship) per week, times the number of weeks you will be working. Note: the number of hours you will be working is used to calculate the number of credits; as a general rule, 100 hours of paid internship experience equates to 1 credit. (e.g.,300 hours = 3 credits).
___ 7. Rate of compensation