Internship Program Application Checklist

Please make sure you have the following items completed when you submit your internship materials to Ms. Carol Johnson, for Accounting, Finance and Information Systems OR Dr. Brian Zinser,, for Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

___ 1. Completed internship application form (see internship application form)
___ 2. Copy of your current resume
___ 3. Unofficial copy of your NMU transcript
___ 4. Memorandum / letter from the company you are doing the internship with, delineating the tasks, job responsibilities, rate of compensation, etc. that will be part of your internship (i.e., this should be a 1-2 page letter or memo from the manager / supervisor you would be working with during the internship).
___ 5.

Complete contact information for the manager or immediate supervisor you will be working with during your internship; this information should include:

      Full Name
Job Title
Mailing Address
Telephone Number
Fax Number
Email Address
___ 6. Estimate of the number of hours you will be working (as part of the internship) per week, times the number of weeks you will be working. Note: the number of hours you will be working is used to calculate the number of credits; as a general rule, 100 hours of paid internship experience equates to 1 credit. (e.g.,300 hours = 3 credits).
___ 7. Rate of compensation