Finance and Risk Management Major and Minor

Finance and Risk Management Major

Finance studentDo you find yourself interested in better understanding how businesses raise and invest capital? Are you interested in helping people allocate their money into different investments? Do you want to better under understand how markets function and how certain forces drive the market? If so, you may want to consider the finance and risk management major at Northern Michigan University.

The major provides students with basic competency in the functional areas of finance, the education foundation that is needed to prepare them for professional exams such as the Series 7, CFP and CFA. This major, as well as the personal financial planning major, combines the applications of analytical skills to the problems facing financial managers, financial institutions and individual investors while developing an understanding of today's financial markets.

What do I do with a business degree in finance and risk management?

This program leads to careers in business financial management, banking, securities and commodity brokerage, consulting, insurance, financial planning and small business entrepreneurship.

Why study finance and risk management at NMU?

  • Small class sizes
  • Experienced faculty
  • Newly developed Financial Trading Lab
  • The student managed investment fund known as the Superior Fund

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Considering a finance minor?

A minor in finance provides business and non-business students an introduction to financial management concepts and issues. Students have the option to choose electives that best meet their interest with this minor. Entering the workforce with a minor in finance can help graduates better position themselves in organizations that require an understanding of financial issues and fiscal management.


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