Faculty Scholarship

The College of Business faculty members have had the following works published in the 2017-2019 academic year:



Trent Batchelor
Assistant Professor 
(906) 227-2707


Batchelor, T. (2018).  Corporate Bankruptcy: Testing the Efficacy of the Altman Z - Score.  Journal of Accounting and Finance Research, 9 (9.1), 11.

Stacy Boyer- Davis  Assistant Professor  Accounting sboyerda@nmu.edu (906)-227-1805


Boyer-Davis, S. (in press, 2019).  Technostress: An antecedent of job turnover intention in the accounting profession.   Journal of Business and Accounting.

Boyer-Davis, S. (2019).  Technostress in accounting professionals: A quantitative examination of the differences between managers and non-managers.   Journal of Accounting and Finance, 19 (2), 25-41.

 Boyer-Davis, S. (2018).  The relationship between technology stress and leadership style: An empirical investigation.   Journal of Business and Educational Leadership, 8 (1), 48-65.


Gary Brunswick
Professor Marketing
(906) 227-1261


Brunswick, G. J. (2018).  Bargaintown.com (Case).   Global Journal of Business Pedagogy, 2 (1), 1-6.

Brunswick, G. J. (2018).  Bargaintown.com (Teaching Note).   Global Journal of Business Pedagogy, 2 (2), 1-7.

Brunswick, G. J. (2018).  With Or Without Rutabaga ?   Journal of Business Case Studies, 14 (1), 1-10.

Hegner, S., Beldad, A., & Brunswick, G. J. (2019).  In Automatic We Trust ? Investigating the Impact of Trust, Control, Personal Characteristics, and Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivations on the Acceptance of Autonomous Vehicles.   International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction, 1-12.

Treado, M., & Brunswick, G. J. (2018).  Marketing Architectural And Engineering Services: A Portfolio Approach.   Journal of Service Science, 11 (1), 11-28.


Paul Byrnes   Associate Prodessor  pbyrnes@nmu.edu  (906)-227-1247


Alawadhi, A., & Byrnes, P. (2019).  Clustering University Programs in Accounting to Enhance Selection Productivity: Precursor to Recommendation System Development.   Journal of Emerging Technologies in Accounting., doi: 10.2308/jeta-5428.

Byrnes, P. (2019).  Automated Clustering for Data Analytics.   Journal of Emerging Technologies in Accounting., doi: 10.2308/jeta-52474.


Michael Crum
Assistant Professor 
(906) 227-2895


Crum, M. D. (in press, 2019).  Monastic Entrepreneurship: Predicting Commercial Activity among Eastern Orthodox Monastic Communities in the United States.   Global Journal of Entrepreneurship.

Crum, M. D. (in press, 2019).  Radical Innovation, Agency Costs and the Small Firm Advantage.   Global Journal of Management and Marketing.

Crum, M. D., & Rayhorn, C. (2019).  Using Monte Carlo Simulation for Pro Forma Financial Statements.   Journal of Accounting and Finance, 19 (5), 29-40.


Ahmed Elnoshokaty  Assistant Professor aelnosho@nmu.edu (906)-227-2910


Chen, Y., Deng, S. L., Kwak, D. A., Elnoshokaty, A. S., & Wu, J. (2019).  A Framework of Multi-Appeals of Persuasion for Online Petition Success: A Linguistic Cue-Based Approach.   Journal of the Association for Information Systems.


Jean Essila      Assistant Professor  Management   jessila@nmu.edu



Essila, J. C. (2018).  Engineering Management: The Evolution, Conceptual Model, and Social Responsibility of an Emerging Discipline.   International Journal of Operations Research and Information Systems, 9 (4), 36-50.

Essila, J. C. (2018).  The Dynamics of Electronic Supply Chains and Enterprise Resource Planning Systems: The New Business Challenge.   International Journal of Computers in Clinical Practice, 3 (1), 40-54.

Essila, J. C. (2018).  Impact of Enterprise Resource Planning in Job Shop Manufacturing Supply Chain Management.   IUP Journal of Supply Chain Management, 15 (3).

Mupepi, M. G., Essila, J. C., Opoku Mensah, A., & Mupepi, S. C. (2018).  Asking Questions: Applying Survey Techniques in Building Successful Enterprise.   International Journal of Systems and Service-Oriented Engineering, 7 (4), 44-55.


Claudia L. Hart Professor clhart@nmu.edu (906)-227-1496


Hart, C. L., Plemmons, T., Stulz, K. M., & Vroman, M. (2017).  Auditing Communication Effectiveness in Higher Education: A Team-Based Study by MBA Students.   Contemporary Issues in Education Research, 10 (2), 137-158.


David A. Helton  Professor dhelton@nmu.edu (906)-227-2969


Helton, D. (2018).  Cell Phones as a Driver for Solar Home Electrification in Sub-Saharan Africa.   International Journal of Business and Management Studies, 7 (2), 353–366.


Yu-Shan Huang
Assistant Professor 



Huang, Y., Wang, Y., & Kuo, P. (2018).  Face gain and face loss in restaurant consumers' brand advocate behaviors.   Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research.

Huang, Y., Greenbaum, R., Bonner, J., & Wang, C. (2018).  Why Sabotage Customers Who Mistreat You? Activated Hostility and Subsequent Devaluation of Targets as a Moral Disengagement Mechanism.   Journal of Applied Psychology.


Daniel K. Konku  Associate Professor dkonku@nmu.edu (906)-227-1816


Konku, D. K., Rayhorn, C., & Yao, H. (2018).  Market Efficiency, Thin Trading and Non-Linearity in Emerging Markets: Evidence from South Africa.   Journal of Accounting and Finance, 18 (5), 39 - 54.


Jim Marquardson
Assistant Professor 
Computer Information Systems



Grimes, M., & Marquardson, J. (2019).  Quality Matters: Evoking Subjective Norms and Coping Appraisals by System Design to Increase Security Intentions.   Decision Support Systems, 119, 23-34, doi: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.dss.2019.02.010.

Marquardson, J. (2018).  Infrastructure Tools for Efficient Cybersecurity Exercises.   Information Systems Education Journal, 16 (6), 23-30.

Marquardson, J., & Gomillion, D. L. (2018).  Cyber Security Exercise Development: Protecting Your Institution While Giving Students Experience.   Information Systems Education Journal, 16 (5), 12-21.

Marquardson, J., & Gomillion, D. L. (2019).  Simulation for Network Education: Transferring Networking Skills Between Simulated to Physical Environments.   Information Systems Education Journal, 17 (1), 28-39.

Marquardson, J., & Grimes, M. (2018).  Supporting Better Decisions: How Order Effects Influence Decision Support System Alignment.   Interacting with Computers: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Human-Computer Interaction, 30 (6), 469-479, doi: 10.1093/iwc/iwy022.

Marquardson, J., & Schuetzler, R. (2019).  Learning by Teaching through Collaborative Tutorial Creation: Experience using GitHub and AsciiDoc.   Journal of Information Systems Education, 30 (1), 10-18.



Charles Rayhorn
Professor Finance
(906) 227-1839



Crum, M. D., & Rayhorn, C. (2019).  Using Monte Carlo Simulation for Pro Forma Financial Statements.   Journal of Accounting and Finance, 19 (5), 29-40.

Rayhorn, C. R., Konku, D., & Yao, H. (2018).  Market Efficiency, Thin Trading and Non-Linearity in Emerging Markets: Evidence from South Africa.   Journal of Accounting and Finance.


David L. Rayome  Professor drayome@nmu.edu (906)-227-1243


 Lutey, M., Hassan, M. K., & Rayome, D. (2018).  An Application of CAN SLIM Investing in the Dow Jones Benchmark.   Asian Journal of Economic Modeling.


Gary Stark     Professor gstark@nmu.edu (906)-227-1244


Edelson, S., Lo, K., Nelson, T., Stark, G., Statton, M., Chantal van Esch California State Polytechnic University, Pomona United States of America (in press, 2018).  From the shadow of overconfidence into the light of humility: Reflections on experiential learning activities gone awry.   Journal of Management Education., doi: https://doi.org/10.1177%2F1052562918812169.

Stark, G. (in press, 2018).  Book Review:Professors as Academic Leaders: Expectations, Enacted Professionalism and Evolving Roles.   Academy of Management Learning & Education., doi: 10.5465/amle.2018.0009.



Margo Vroman
Associate Professor
(906) 227-1865


Vroman, M. E., & Johnson, C. (2018).  Brexit's Effect on the UK's Data Privacy Policy and the EU Privacy Shield.   International Interdisciplinary Business-Economics Advancement Journal, 3 (1), pp 29-40.


Brian Zinser    Assistant Professor bzinser@nmu.edu (906)-2271810


Zinser, B. (2018).  Marketing college sports teams – A portfolio approach.   Journal of Business Case Studies.

Zinser, B. (2019).  Retail Islamic Banking and Financial Services: Determinants of Use by Muslims in the United States.   Journal of Islamic Marketing, 10 (1), 168-190.

Zinser, B. (2017).  Usage of Islamic banking and financial services by US Muslims.   International Journal of Islamic Marketing and Branding, 2 (4), 355-344, doi: 10.1504/IJIMB.2017.10010066.

Zinser, B. A., & Brunswick, G. J. (2016).  The Evolution of Service-Dominant (SD) Logic And It's Impact On Marketing Theory and Practice: A Review.   Academy of Marketing Studies Journal, 20 (2), 120-136.