Celebration of Entrepreneurship Conference

Celebration of Entrepreneurship Conference
Don H. Bottum University Center
April 2, 2015 - 9 am to 2 pm

The conference includes 16 different topic sessions, each highlighting important aspects of today's business world, for participants to choose from .  This event welcomes students, community members, business professionals, and established entrepreneurs seeking to expand their enterprises, as well as aspiring entrepreneurs looking to turn their business dreams into reality.

Registration includes the conference, lunch featuring a keynote speaker, and free admission to the New Business Venture Competition held during the afternoon.

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For questions, please contact College of Business Assistant Dean Jody Lindberg at 906-227-1894.

Topics Include

The Power of Our Words:  Jim Surrell -- M.D., FACS – Fellow, American College of Surgeons
Words can have a significant impact on how we are perceived and interpreted in both our everyday lives, and the world of business.  Both written and verbal words can find their ways to unintended places, or have a completely different meaning to our audience than we originally intended.  This seminar will help you to realize both the importance and power of your words, and help you to realize how you can better ensure that your words are perceived by the audience as you intended. 

Using Design Thinking to Prototype:  Chris Standerford -- Director, Glenn T. Seaborg Mathematics and Science Center, Northern Michigan University
In this hands-on session, participants will get a brief overview of what design thinking is and then use a design thinking framework to create a prototype for a famous animated character.  Come ready for a fast paced, group minded, design challenge!

Challenges and Opportunities in Cyber Security Information:  Jim Marquardson, Ph.D
Google's CEO Eric Schmidt recently said that "the Internet will disappear." In Schmidt's eyes, the Internet will disappear not because it will lose popularity, but because it will become so pervasive that we will stop noticing it.  In this workshop, we will highlight security challenges in medical devices, cars, and other tools that are being brought online. We will also talk about the role of security professionals in improving products to keep people safe.

Home Based Business to Downtown Destination: Small Business Startup:  Beth Millner -- Owner, Beth Millner Jewelry & Mary Luttinen -- CPA
Beth of Beth Millner Jewelry and her CPA Mary Luttinen will be offering a panel presentation.  Beth studied Art and Design at Northern Michigan University and grew her business over the past 8 years. Mary has been a CPA for nearly 10 years. Beth and Mary will give a history of Beth Millner Jewelry and the relationship of an accountant with a small business as it grows with an opportunity for questions to follow.

Thinking About Design with Design Thinking:  Peter Pless, Professor at NMU
Strategic development of products, systems and services enhances the success of businesses and offers potential for new startups. This workshop will feature case studies of how design thinking has reshaped businesses and launched new successful endeavors.  

How long would you like to be in business?:  Dan Torres, Owner, Border Grill
Your passion can get the door open.  But how do you keep your business not just surviving but thriving over the long haul?  We will discuss one critical way to achieve this.

So you want to be a business owner?  What every business owner wishes they knew now….:  Jesse Schramm
​Most business owners love to talk politics, barriers to entry, and low success rates. What if you make it?  What are the keys to maintaining success and the barriers you’ll face that are not always economical, environmental, or tangible?  A short problem solving session together, will open your eyes to what business owners face on a daily basis.

Business DNA:  Rick G. Holmes, Owner, Subway & Rick Holmes II, Founder, Every Market Media
Father and son compare the road to and operation of their businesses. A presentation about generational differences in B2B and B2C service businesses and how to identify if starting your own business is right for you, right now.

Entrepreneurship Beyond the Obvious:  Jim Jenkins, CPM, American Fiber Services, LLC
A look at an entrepreneurial journey from NMU, to corporate America, and around the globe.  We look at lessons learned, observations, and simple rules for success.

TEAM Business Overview:  NMU Business Students, TEAM Business
NMU business students will talk about their involvement in a new program, Teaching, Education, Application, and Mastery (T.E.A.M. Business).  The program provides a team of students to help develop, market, manage and lead local Upper Peninsula businesses in their development.  T.E.A.M. members will tell their story of being involved with the struggles and successes of businesses and learning what it takes to start and run a business. 

Digital Marketing Basics: More than just Facebook:  NMU Business Students, TEAM Business
The terms digital marketing and social media marketing are staples in any small business vocabulary.  But what exactly do these terms entail? Is it just Facebook posts and pretty pictures or is there more too it than that?  Find out what those college kids you pay to sit on Facebook and Twitter all day should really be doing, and how to track it.

Invent@NMU: What’s Your Idea? – What’s Your Experience?:  Bob EslingerInvent@NMU
Invent@NMU student staff and student entrepreneurs will discuss this unique NMU program from their perspective, as student inventors and as student employees. Student staff will discuss how they are applying their academic learning to real-world experiences working with entrepreneurs and how that is helping them get hired after graduation.  Student entrepreneurs will discuss how they are working with Invent@NMU staff to bring their inventions to life. 

Accessing and Working with the Resources in Your Community:  Alexander Kofsky, AccelerateUP
​Workshop to introduce the concept of Accelerate UP.  We will illustrate how we work with entrepreneurs and our local community to capture the talent, energy and imagination of its people. Our mission is to transform passionate people into successful entrepreneurs.

Incubation, Acceleration, and the Region: William Vajda, Marquette City Manager
The U.P. presents unique challenges for market entry and growth.  New economic focus stands poised to dramatically change the current barriers into benefits, and regional investments in infrastructure and access can catalyze entrepreneurial opportunities as rarely before.  William Vajda will provide perspective on regional efforts supporting business incubation and acceleration, as well as engage in dialogue regarding future efforts to drive growth in the U.P.

How to turn Data into dollars:  Rick Holmes, Founder, Every Market Media
10 tips for collecting and using your customer data profitably.


Additional Speakers Include

Jason Schneider, Owner, SONI Photography and Freelance Consultant

More details regarding topics and speakers will be updated here as information is provided.