Business Minors

A Business minor can separate you from the rest!

At Northern Michigan University, we want you to look to your passions to live the life of  your dreams. For several students, that passion is in art, music, or athletic training, however the College of Business offers a wide variety of excellent minors to help you meet your goals. Graduating with a degree in Art & Design or Criminal Justice, coupled with a business minor demonstrates your preparation and versatility in a business based world.

If you haven't thought about a business minor, you may want to consider how our economy is closely tied to a society that ebbs and flows at the mercy of such things as stock markets and purchasing power. A business minor paired with your non-business major provides you with a  competitive edge as you enter the workforce.

The following links are the various business minors offered by the College of Business.


Accounting Minor
Business Administration Minor
Computer Information Systems Minor
Entrepreneurship Minor
Finance Minor
Management Minor
Marketing Minor

Are you interested in owning your own business?

One of the biggest complaints of first time business owners is that they didn’t take enough business related classes for them to feel comfortable launching their first business.  In fact, several cite that when they were planning their business, they initially overlooked things like compensation, consumer behavior and market analysis, and e-commerce.

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