Business Computer Information Systems Major and Minor

Information Systems Major

Because of technology's rapid growth over the past 40 years there is high demand for students with educations in the IT/CIS areas. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 2 of the 10 fastest-growing occupations from 2006-16 are related to computer information systems. With industry's continued reliance on network capabilities, IT and CIS positions are plentiful and pay well.

A business computer information systems major at Northern Michigan University prepares students to apply computer theory to business applications and to provide a strong dual knowledge foundation in technical and problem-solving skills. Students select an area of emphasis from end-user training, Web development or networking administration.

What do I do with a business degree in computer information systems?

People-oriented career paths lead to positions as computer consultants, analysts, trainers and high-tech marketers. Alternate careers as software programmers, database managers, web developers, and network administrators tie the technical skills to the support and use of computer systems.

Why study business degree in computer information systems at NMU?

  • Small class size
  • Dedicated faculty
  • International learning opportunities

A separate business computer information systems website has been created by the NMU students in the program. This page is for both current and prospective students. Click here to view that page.

Interested in learning more about information technology (IT) careers? Click here.

To view the entire business computer information systems curriculum, click here.

Considering a BCIS minor?

A business computer information systems minor can help you land positions that may focus on your major, but relate to computer and network systems. With the large presence of networks in healthcare, government and law enforcement, students with experiences and education in computer applications can gain a valuable advantage over other applicants.

The business computer information systems minor can now be completed almost entirely online. To view the business computer information systems minor requirements, click here.