Hold Policy

Northern Michigan University places a “hold” on a student’s registration, transcript request, diploma or certificate when the student has not met conditions or obligations due the university. The following are general reasons for a hold:


A hold may be placed by the Financial Services Office because of any financial obligation to the university.

Adviser Registration

An electronic hold may be placed on a student’s record to ensure that a student has seen his or her adviser.


A hold may be placed by the Dean of Students Office on students who have been suspended or expelled for disciplinary reasons.


A measles policy hold may be placed on students taking classes on campus who have not submitted of current proof of measles (rubeola) vaccination.


A hold may be placed by the Dean of Students on students who have taken a voluntary psychological withdrawal or have self-destructive behavior and/or other psychological problems.


A hold may be placed by the director of admissions or registrar on the enrollment of a student who fails to provide proof of high school graduation or transcripts from previous colleges attended.


A hold may be placed at the request of the chairperson of the Admissions and Academic Policies Committee on the enrollment of a student who has been suspended or dismissed for failure to maintain the standards outlined in the Academic Proficiency Policy.

Mobile Device (TLC)

A hold may be placed by the Asset Management Office against a student that has failed to return the leased mobile device by the established return deadline date. Students are not eligible to continue to use the leased mobile device if they are not registered for credit earning classes at NMU. Holds are removed when the mobile device has been returned; late fees may apply. Students may contact Asset Management at 906-227-1422, or 906-227-1256, or e-mail thinkpad@nmu.edu to have the hold removed so that they may register for classes. A fee may be charged to remove the hold.