Bulletin Introduction

Congratulations on choosing a dynamic institution of higher education. At NMU, you have the opportunity to experience personal growth and discovery, academic and professional development, and the kind of fun times that make for lifelong memories.

About Northern Michigan University

Northern Michigan University was founded in 1899 as a regional teacher’s college. Today it enrolls about 9,500 undergraduate and graduate students who are taught by more than 300 faculty members on a main campus of 358 acres. Constants throughout Northern’s history are its reputation for excellent and innovative educational opportunities, its caring faculty and staff, and its natural setting.

Located in Marquette, Michigan, a city of 20,000, Northern offers the best features of rural and urban living in a safe and clean environment. Academically, Northern offers more than 180 programs in 28 different academic departments with credentialing that ranges from certificates and associate degrees to master’s degrees and other specialized advanced degrees. More than 75 percent of Northern faculty members have doctorates or the highest degree in their field.


Northern Michigan University challenges its students and employees to think independently and critically, develop lifelong learning habits, acquire career skills, embrace diversity and become productive citizens in the regional and global community.


Northern Michigan University will become the university of choice in the Midwest for students seeking a quality academic program with individualized attention in a high-tech learning environment.

Diversity Statement

Northern Michigan University strives to be an inclusive community where differences are recognized as assets of the institution, respected attributes of the person and a valuable part of the university experience.

Road Map to 2015

Northern Michigan University’s strategic plan, Road Map to 2015, outlines the initiatives, goals and priorities for faculty, staff, students, administrators, alumni and all other stakeholders. It highlights NMU’s unique location in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, the university’s strong technology learning environment and its growth in internationalization experiences on and off campus. It looks to grow our already existing sense of innovation, development of meaningful lives, overall community engagement, environmental awareness and other campus attributes.