Liberal Studies

Division V - Formal Communication Studies

Students take a minimum of three credits from this division. These courses are designed to introduce students to the ways in which information and ideas are expressed using a communication system other than English. Such courses should foster the students ability to conceptualize and communicate in an orderly, rational manner. Characteristics of a communication system include: (1) possession of a grammar; (2) operation from an established set of rules; (3) reasoning properties such as deduction, inference drawing and problem solving. This division includes courses in languages and those in which the central focus of the course is on statistics, computers or formal logic.

Equivalent courses in any other foreign language not listed here can be used to meet this requirement.

Note: Native speakers of a foreign language may not test out of their native language to receive formal communication studies credit. They may take a CLEP or departmental test in another foreign language to meet this division requirement.