Admission Policies - Philosophy

Northern Michigan University seeks to admit students who exhibit potential to succeed in the program of their choice. Applications for admission to NMU are individually reviewed with strong emphasis given to grade point average in high school college preparatory subjects, standardized achievement test scores, strength of academic curriculum and/or college academic record. Northern also has a long-standing policy of providing opportunity for students whose previous academic experiences were less than satisfactory, but who can show other evidence of their potential for success. However, the university retains the right to exercise judgment as to the eligibility of applicants for specific courses of study.

A student may be admitted to the university in good standing, admitted on probation, admitted with restriction to a specific program, asked to take a pre-admission test or supply further information, or denied admission until the student can demonstrate potential for success at the college level. When a student is admitted, the admission is to the university, not into a particular academic degree program. Academic departments may have additional requirements for admission to specific programs. A student may be asked to agree to certain conditions as part of his or her enrollment.

Applicants denied admission to the university may appeal to the Admissions Review Committee. The university also retains the right to withdraw an offer of admission or change the admission status if a student’s academic record significantly changes between the date of admission and enrollment or if the applicant falsifies or withholds information requested on the application for admission.