Tuition and Fee Refunds

The university grants refunds for students who withdraw from the university or reduce their credit-hour load within specified time frames. The computed amount is credited to the student’s account and all university obligations are deducted. The balance is returned (prorated) to applicable payment sources. Any refund due to the student is issued by university check.

Steps in the Refund Process

  1. Student withdraws or reduces credit hours.
  2. Tuition refund credit is calculated and applied to student’s account.
  3. Room and board/apartment rent credit is calculated and applied to student’s account.
  4. Financial aid adjustments are calculated and applied to ­ student’s account.
  5. Any other charges in student’s account are deducted from credit.
  6. Credit balance is allocated to applicable payment sources.
  7. Refund is returned to the payment source(s); if a credit balance remains, the student is issued a refund.

The amount of the tuition and fee refund credit depends upon the time of withdrawal, measured in calendar days. Refunds of Title IV funds are made in accordance with federal regulations. See the financial aid return policy here.

Appeals Process

An appeals committee exists to hear appeals from students who request exceptions to university policy regarding refunds past stated deadlines. If a student feels that individual circumstances warrant exception to a policy, a written appeal may be sent to the appeals committee. Students wishing to submit appeals should contact the Dean of Students Office. The committee will consider the timeliness of the appeal in making its decision; appeals will be considered up to 30 days into the next semester. The student will be notified in writing of the committee’s decision.

Complete Withdrawal

Complete withdrawal from the university must be initiated in the Dean of Students Office. Students who are not able to withdraw in person are required to call the Dean of Students Office at 906-227-1700.

Withdrawal prior to the first official day of classes will result in a 100% refund credit.

Reduction in Credit Hours

Reduction of credit hours may affect financial aid status. Students should contact the Student Service Center or the Financial Aid Office to determine the impact of a proposed change.


Once classes begin, tuition refunds are calculated for complete withdrawals as follows:

Fall/Winter Semester Complete Withdrawal Tuition Refund Schedule

Time Period 

Refund Credit Percentage

On or Before the First Day of Class 100%
2nd Calendar Day - 11th Calendar Day 90%
12th Calendar Day - 28th Calendar Day 50%
29th Calendar Day - 56th Calendar Day 25%
57th Calendar Day - End of the Semester 0%

Note: The student discretionary activity fee and the student athletic event fee are non-refundable.

Summer Semester Complete Withdrawal Tuition Refund Schedule

Time Period 

Refund Credit Percentage

First Official Day of Classes - Day Three 100%
Day Four - End of Course 0%

Students who reduce their credit hours are granted a refund credit for tuition and fees as follows:

Fall/Winter Reduction in Credit Hours Tuition Refund Schedule

Time Period 

Refund Credit Percentage

1st Day of Classes-9th Calendar Day 100%
After the 9th Calendar Day 0%

Note: Applies to all full semester courses. No refunds are given for reduced credit hours within the 12-18 credit hour flat rate tuition range.

Summer Semester Reduction in Credit Hours Tuition Refund Schedule

Course Length 

100% Refund

12 weeks First Friday of the course
8 weeks First Wednesday of the course
6 weeks First three days of the course

Note: To receive a refund for classes that meet for less than six weeks, the student must withdraw by the last business day prior to the first day of classes. Business hours during the summer are 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.