Getting Started

Welcome to NMU and to the beginning of a great adventure. We’re here to work with you to make your Northern experience the best it can be. Here are the first steps to get started:

  1. Apply for admission at
  1. Browse through this Undergraduate Bulletin to explore the majors and minors that interest you. Click for details on which courses you’ll need to take to earn a degree in the program of your choice.
  1. Create a course worksheet listing which classes you’d like to take first.
  1. Once you’re admitted, you’ll be assigned to an adviser who will review your plan of study and class selections with you.
  1. You’ll also receive instructions for getting a user name and password, which will allow you to log in to and register for classes. Your course schedule and tuition bill will be posted here.
  1. Pay tuition, buy your books and go to class!