Academic Standards - Academic Proficiency Standards

The academic proficiency policy defines the academic standards students must meet to be academically successful at NMU.  Students must maintain a minimum NMU grade point average of 2.00 to be in academic good standing. Students with an NMU GPA below this level will be placed on academic probation and will have to attain certain semester GPA requirements to remain at NMU (see Academic Probation Standards).

Students are notified of their academic status via their end of semester grade report. Any questions regarding academic proficiency should be referred to the Academic and Career Advisement Center.

Proficiency Status Definitions

Good Standing: Students with a minimum NMU GPA of 2.00 or higher are considered in good standing.

Academic Probation: Students with an NMU GPA that falls below 2.00 (or those initially admitted to the university on probation) will be placed on academic probation and must meet certain semester GPA requirements based on Academic Probation Standards. Students who fail to meet these requirements will be suspended from the university. Students remain on academic probation until they attain good standing.

Immediate Academic Suspension: New freshman and transfer students who have eight or more credit hours and earn a GPA of less than 1.00 in their first semester of enrollment at NMU will be suspended immediately.

Academic Suspension: Any student on academic probation who fails to attain specific semester GPA requirements (see Academic Probation Standards) will be suspended from the university.

Academic Dismissal: Students who have previously been ­ academically suspended from NMU, re-enter, and are academically suspended again, are dismissed from the university.

Academic Probation Standards

This table provides a quick reference to the semester GPA that students on academic probation must attain to remain at NMU.

Overall GPA Credit Hours at the Time of Grading Semester GPA Required to Remain at NMU
Less than 28 credit hours 1.70 semester GPA or higher
28 to less than 56 credit hours 1.80 semester GPA or higher
56 or more credit hours 2.00 semester GPA or higher

Length of Suspension/Appeals

All academic and immediate suspensions from NMU are for one calendar year. Suspended students have the right to appeal to return early.

Students who are academically dismissed from NMU may not appeal for one calendar year from the date of their dismissal, and the appeal must be approved by the Admissions and Academic Policy Committee before the ­ student may re-enter the university.

All appeals are presented to the AAPC by the academic proficiency officer in the Academic and Career Advisement Center, 906-227-2971. Students must discuss their appeal with this staff member.