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Pre-Clinical Psychology Program

Advising for students interested in the preclinical psychology program is done by the Department of Psychological Science. The department will provide a listing of courses, and academic activities for students interested in pursuing a career as a counselor or clinical psychologist. 

The preclinical psychology course sequence provides coursework recommended or required for admission to graduate counseling or clinical psychology programs. Other opportunities may be available for students to improve their competitiveness for admission to graduate programs, including opportunities for clinical experience, interviews for admission to graduate programs, and a senior thesis. A letter of recommendation from the Preclinical Psychology Advisory Board will be given to students who have performed exceptionally well in their courses and preclinical activities.

  1. Students must take the courses listed below for the preclinical psychology sequence. Courses taken for the preclinical psychology program may be used to satisfy course requirements or electives for majors offered by the Department of Psychological Science.
  2. Students will be assigned a preclinical psychology advisor after submitting 1) a letter describing reasons for pursuing a career in counseling or clinical psychology and 2) an essay concerning either a) a mental health concern and its impact on society or b) a mental health concern that has not received adequate public awareness. Materials will be submitted to and reviewed by the preclinical psychology advisory board.
  3. The preclinical psychology advisor provides students with information about careers in counseling or clinical psychology, application procedures and program requirements for clinical psychology programs, and the General GRE and Psychology GRE subject test. The advisor will also help students select courses required and recommended for admission into clinical psychology programs if not otherwise listed below. In addition, the advisor will provide general advisement on other required or recommended preclinical psychology activities.
  4. Students will complete a capstone thesis in the form of a comprehensive review of a topic related to mental health and/or the practice of clinical psychology. Alternatively, students may complete a scientific study on any topic in psychology and produce a thesis describing the study. The thesis topic must be approved by the preclinical psychology advisor and will be taken as PY498 Directed Research/Directed Study for 2 credits and overseen by a faculty member in the Department of Psychological Science.

The preclinical psychology advisory board is comprised of NMU Psychology Department Faculty and practicing clinical psychologists. The board works in conjunction with the advisor to select a limited number of students eligible for placement in internship positions, interviews with graduate clinical or counseling programs, or receiving a recommendation letter from the preclinical psychology advisory board. Selection criteria will be determined by the advisory board. 

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*Note: Some counseling and clinical programs may require some of the courses listed in this category.