2021 - 2022 Undergraduate Bulletin


Art and Design Major - Bachelor of Fine Arts

This degree is for students who wish to be fully prepared professionals in the visual arts with the appropriate credentials for participation in professional associations in various fields of art and design. The program combines the advantages of professional art school experience with the university’s concern for intellectual support of professional action. It prepares students to participate more broadly in the arts beyond the limits of studio skills.

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  • Total Credits Required for Degree
  • General Education

*AD 181 may not be used for art and design electives or art history credit.

**Students may substitute GR/HS 311X for an art history elective with advisor approval.

***Electives chosen with adviser consultation. Students may substitute EN 125, EN 225, MF 134, WD 140, and/or DD 100 with advisor approval.

This major does not require a minor.