Ad Hoc Nominating Committee

Approved 10/5/01, Revised 5/3/02, Revised 4/30/04, Revised 6/18/08


The Board of Trustees of Northern Michigan University hereby establishes an ad hoc Nominating Committee.

When Board Chair and Vice Chair elections are to be held in September; at the July meeting, the Board Chair shall appoint three Board members to serve on the committee. The immediate past Board Chair or if a past chair is not available, another member of the Board, shall serve as Chair of the committee. Two at-large members of the Board will also serve on the committee.


Nominating Committee Charge:

To develop and present a proposed slate of officers, Board Chair and Vice Chair, to the full Board for elections at the September meeting. Succession from Vice Chair to Chair is not automatic. There is no expectation that all Board members will serve as Vice Chair and/or Chair during their term of service on the Board.


Term of Office:

  • January 1 through December 31

  • The officer can be elected for a term of one or two years. The officer can combine a two-year and a one-year term or three one-year terms, not to exceed three successive years in office. A one-year hiatus is required before a Board member may be re-elected to an office.