Genetic and Gene Expression

Molecular Genetics labGenetics, the study of DNA, genes and gene expression, is a critical area in biology and we approach it from a variety of avenues. Students interested in genetics may want to pursue human genetics (e.g., diagnostic genetics or medical genetics) or may be more interested in applications involving other organisms such as mice, deer, loons, crabs, tobacco horn worms, and ticks. Population genetics and systematics are areas of study that link ecology, evolution, molecular and developmental biology. Examples of genetics and gene expression research ongoing in the department include the molecular controls of cancer, mouse population biology, systematics of freshwater crabs, and molecular control of integument formation in pupating insects.

Students interested in this area might consider any of the Biology Department majors, especially biology and physiology.

We also have a special program in diagnostic genetics (administered jointly, listed in the Bulletin under Clinical Sciences) that may be of interest.

Faculty Involved:
Belton, Cumberlidge, Lindsay, Ottem, Rebers, Sharp,Teeter

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