Internship Information

Brittney Moore in veterinary internshipStudents who have been accepted into an internship outside of NMU must work with their academic advisors to complete various required forms, particularly if they wish to receive university credit for their internship experience.  Note that many organizations that offer internships require interns to receive university credit.  Details regarding these forms can be found below and in this document.

Internships undertaken by NMU students for which the student will obtain university credit (BI 499 Internship, 1-6 credits) require that an Affiliation Agreement be established between the supervising authority for the internship program and the university.  Currently the Biology Department has established affiliation agreements with the following agencies/organizations:

* Alger Conservation District

* Child Family Health International

* Detroit Zoological Society (Detroit Zoo)

* Fellow Mortals Wildlife Rehabilitation (Lake Geneva, WI)

* Gwinn-Sawyer Veterinary Clinic

* Hiawatha National Forest (US Dept of Agriculture)

* Michigan Department of Natural ResourcesNMU student zoo intern with giraffe

* Minnesota Sea Grant

* Minnesota Zoological Gardens

* Negaunee Veterinary Clinic

* Northern Veterinary Associates

* Superior Watershed Partnership

* UP Animal Welfare Shelter

* UP Land Conservancy

* Wildlife Prairie Park (Illinois)

If there is not an existing affiliation agreement in place with an internship program or agency that a student intends to work with, it is necessary to complete the appropriate Affiliation Agreement Form.  There are separate forms for paid or unpaid internships. A representative from the internship program must complete and sign the appropriate form well in advance of the start of the internship. Once completed, this form should be sent to the Biology Department to the attention of the Department Head, who will route it to the appropriate NMU personnel for signatures (specifically, the NMU Risk Manager).

Affiliation agreement forms (necessary if an agreement is not already in place - see above):

Additional required forms: All internships require the following forms to be completed for a student to receive university credit for their internship experience.  These are separate from the affiliation agreement process.  


- A Work Experience Registration Form is used to register for BI 499-Internship. Generally, the "Instructing Faculty" on this form will be the student’s academic advisor. Once the form is completed by the student and advisor, it must be brought to the Biology Department for approval by the Department Head and Dean.

- A Learning Agreement must be completed by the student and their supervisor in the internship program. A template to use for designing the Learning Agreement can be found here.

- An Informed Consent form is not required for every internship, but is required for those internships where there is risk of injury or death in the activities associated with the internship. Students should discuss the possible risks with the internship supervisor  and complete this form if the internship involves significant risks.

- Evaluation forms must be completed at the end of the internship. Both the student and the internship supervisor must complete separate evaluation forms.  These should be returned to the Biology Department.