Fish and Wildlife

Fly fishingStudents interested in management of fish and wildlife species are well-served at Northern Michigan University.  We offer programs on major taxa including fish (ichthyology), mammals (mammalogy), and birds (ornithology). We also offer courses on management (fisheries management, wildlife management). Many students also undertake individualized projects and internships with local resource agencies including the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the National Park Service. In addition to our courses, we are happy to advise students interested in becoming certified professionals through either the Wildlife Society or the American Fisheries Society.

Students interested in this area might consider the Fisheries and Wildlife Management major, with tracks in Fisheries, Wildlife, or Enforcement. They could also consider a major in Biology, with concentrations in ecology, zoology and general biology.

Faculty involved:

  • Bruggink
  • Gerig
  • Lafferty
  • Leonard
  • Lindsay
  • Rebertus

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