Program Managers

Early Intensive - Language Learning Program

Program Manager

Collin Hahn, B.S.CH_Picture_medium.jpg

Collin is a graduate student in the Applied Behavior Analysis program. He received his B.S. in Behavior Analysis from NMU in 2011. He is involved in research in the Behavior Analysis Research Lab, and hopes to in the future attend a PhD program and put his education to use teaching.

He likes working in the B.E.A.R. Center because "it's such an awesome feeling when things come together and you can see the positive impact the work is having on a child's life."




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Program Manager

Linaye Whitehead, B.S.

Linaye Whitehead is a second year graduate student enrolled in the Masters of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis program here at NMU. Linaye previously graduated from NMU’s Applied Behavior Analysis program as an undergraduate and earned her Bachelor’s degree in Science. Currently Linaye is working on her Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) certification and licensure. Her practicum experience at the BEAR Center has focused on behavioral consultation and problem behavior reduction.  Linaye's research interests has involved investigations into stimulus equivalence and complex language skills. Upon graduation she plans to continue working in the field of behavior analysis focusing on early intervention language programs and behavior plans for maladaptive behaviors. Linaye indicates that her experience at NMU is something she will never forget and feels confident that they have prepared her for the vast world as a confident helping professional.