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CILC: Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration

Digital Bridges: k-12 Videoconferencing

Pacific Bell Videoconferencing For Learning

SWING: Southern Wisconsin Instructional Network Group

TWICE: Two Way Interactive Connection in Education


Related Literature:

Advantages of Videoconferencing in the K-12 Classroom, 
Virginia R. Ewing, NASA (2005).

Archived Video Conference Lessons and the Assessment of a Teacher Training Program,
Grahm Passmore & Wayne Melville. Electronic Journal of Research in Educational Psychology; v5 n2 p433-452 Sep 2007 
It is argued that high and low results obtained in studies such as this might be used to provide pre-service teachers with guidance between the video conference lessons that lead them to improvements in their classroom teaching.

Beam Me to the Faculty Senate: Videoconferencing proves useful on campuses 
Jeffrey R. Young, The Chronical of Higher Education (2009).

Broadband Videoconferencing as a Tool for Learner-Centred Distance Learning in Higher Education, 
Robyn Smyth. British Journal of Educational Technology; v36 n5 p805-820 Sep 2005 
The outcomes of trials undertaken at the University of New England during the last two years provide the basis for predicting the usefulness of the technology for learner-centered interactions when the majority of students are learning from locations quite remote from the main campus.

Key Steps to an Effective Presentation, Stephan Eggleaton.

Modifying the Teaching/Learning Process In an Interactive Video Network University of Southern Mississippi

Student Perspectives on Videoconferencing in Teacher Education at a Distance, 
Donald Gillies. Distance Education; v29 n1 p107-118 May 2008 
Video conference as a teaching and learning tool in teacher education. The context of this study is a distance education course, run primarily through videoconferencing, for prospective primary school teachers.

Virtual Teamwork: Mastering the Art and Practice of Online Learning and Corporate Collaboration, 
Robert Ubell (2010), John Wiley & Sons, ISBN: 978-0-470-44994-3 
Written by a team of experts headed by online learning pioneer Robert Ubell, Virtual Teamwork covers best practices for online instruction and team learning, reveals proven techniques for managing enterprise and global virtual teams, and helps you choose the best communication tools for the job.

We Have the Videoconference Equipment Installed, Now What?
Janine Lim & Shirley Freed. Qualitative Report; v14 n3 p433-453 Sep 2009 
Successful implementation of videoconferencing requires the cooperation of administrators as they listen to the needs of teachers


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