General Assembly Members

"The power of one, if fearless and focused, is formidable, but the power of many working together is better." -Gloria Arroyo


The General Assembly represents students from different aspects of the University. One side of the table is called Academic Affairs, and represents students from their respective College (arts and sciences, business, etc). The other side of the table is called Student Affairs, and represents students from their place of residence (residence halls, apartments, off campus, etc). Together, they form the General Assembly and provide every NMU student with two representatives on the General Assembly. The Chair of the Assembly is in charge of running the meetings and setting the agendas. If you want to get on the General Assembly agenda, you must contact the Chair.

The following are the members of the ASNMU General Assembly for 201 - 2020. The vacancies on the General Assembly are not shown here. For open membership positions, visit that page on our site.

Chair of the Assembly

Emma Drever, Chair of Assembly

Emma Drever


Major: English

Minor: Spanish



Phone: (708) 663-4381


Office Hours:

Secretary of the Board, Rebecca Short

Rebecca Short | Secretary of the Board

ASNMU Secretary


Major: Biology 

Focus: Zoology



Phone: (906) 227-2452


Office Hours

Student Affairs Board

Off-Campus Representative Richard Hamilton

Richard Hamilton

Off Campus Representative 


Major: Cyber Defense

Minor: English



Phone: (616) 915-3925


Office Hours: F: 1-3pm

Off-Campus Representative Marissa Bekkering

Marissa Bekkering

Off-Campus Representative


Major: Communication & International Studies

Minor: Technical Theatre




Lana Wilson, ASNMU On Campus Apartments Representative

Lana Wilson

On Campus Apartments Representative


Major: Business Management



Phone: (906) 361-3199


Office Hours: 

Thomas Kettler - Quad II Representative



Thomas Kettler

Quad II Representative


Major: Undeclared





Office Hours: 


Academic Affairs Board

Samantha Metaled, College of Arts and Sciences Representative


Samantha Metcalf

College of Arts and Sciences Representative


Major: Art and Design

Minor: Marketing



Phone: (269) 932-8531


Office Hours: T/R: 3pm-4pm

Logan Hartz, College of Arts & Sciences Representative

Logan Hartz

College of Arts and Sciences Representative


Major: Political Science

Minor: History



Phone: (574) 549-2449


Office Hours: 

Jake Putala, College of Arts and Sciences Representative


Jake Putala

College of Arts and Sciences Representative


Major: Public Administration  

Minor: Criminal Justice



Phone: (906) 395-6952


Office Hours: 


Dhruv Patel, College of Business Representative

Dhruv Patel

College of Business Representative 

Major: Business Psycology & Mathematics


Phone: (847) 877-0405


Office Hours: W: 4-5P F: 12-1P

Lauren Leslie, College of Health and Professional Studies Representative


Lauren Leslie

College of Health & Professional Studies Representative


Major: Pre-Clinical Psychology

Minor: Social Services



Phone: (231) 944-9767


Office Hours: T 10:30-12:30



Carter Wilson, ASNMU Adviser and Political Science Department Head

 Carter Wilson | Dept. Head, Political  Science 



 Phone: (906) 227-1502 

Jim Gadzinski, ASNMU Adviser and Directer of ACAC

Jim Gadzinski | Director of ACAC