Elections and Referenda

2019 ASNMU Election Results

For 2019 General Assembly Election Results, click here.

ASNMU General Assembly 2019 Elections

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                                     ASNMU General Elections

Position Type:

Positions Available: Candidates: 
Governing Board Positions:

President (1)

Cody Mayer

Vice President (1)

Paige Pucelik
General Assembly Positions: Academic Affairs

College of Arts & Sciences Representative (4)

Logan Hartz

Emma Drever

Samantha Metcalf

Jake Putala


College of Health & Professional Studies Representative (3)

Lauren Leslie
  College of Technical & Occupational Sciences (1)  

College of Business Representative (1)

Dhruv Patel

General Studies/Undeclared Representative (1)


College of Graduate Studies Representative (1)

General Assembly Positions: Student Affairs

Off-Campus Representative (6)

Marissa Bekkering

Richard Hamilton


Up-Campus Representative (1)


The Woods Representative (2)

  Quad 1 Representative (1)  
  Quad 2 Representative (2) Thomas Kettler

On-Campus Apartments Representative (1)

Lana Wilson




































Referendum Questions:

1. Do you support making the Tuesday next after the first Monday in the month of November an academic holiday of each year at Northern Michigan University, to allow all students the best possible opportunity to vote in local, state, federal, and special    elections? 

2. Would you support Northern Michigan University recognizing Indigenous People's Day on the second Monday of October?

3. Adding Article III section 4D to the ASNMU Constitution with the following language "The advisors have the power to swear in all ASNMU members?"