Elections and Referenda

Fall 2017 ASNMU Constitutional Referendum

To view the results of the Fall 2017 ASNMU Constitutional Referendum, click here.

If you have any questions regarding elections or ASNMU, they can be directed to asnmu@nmu.edu or you can stop by the ASNMU office! 

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ASNMU General Assembly 2018 Elections

The application period for running in the ASNMU Election is now closed.

Voting will take place online April 2nd @ 8am - April 4th @ 5pm.


For information on the candidates, click here.

For 2018 General Assembly Election Results, click here.

If you have any questions regarding elections or ASNMU, they can be directed to the Chair of Election's Committee, Tristan Ruiz, or you can stop by the ASNMU office! 

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                                     ASNMU General Elections

Position Type:

Positions Available: Candidates: 
Governing Board Positions:

President (1)

Cody Mayer
    Anthony Rospierski

Vice President (1)

Connor Loftus
    James Pridemore
General Assembly Positions: Academic Affairs

College of Arts & Sciences Representative (4)

Kyleigh Sapp

    Norah Johnson
    Samantha Metcalf
    Chloe Anderson
    Emma Drever

College of Health & Professional Studies Representative (4)

Sherri Martinez
    Samuel McCullough
    Meghan Flynn

College of Business Representative (1)

Richard Hamilton

General Studies/Undeclared Representative (2)


College of Graduate Studies Representative (1)

General Assembly Positions: Student Affairs

Off-Campus Representative (6)

Paige Pucelik

    Marissa Bekkering
    Adel Isaacson
    Emma Tervonen

Up-Campus Representative (1)


The Woods Representative (1)

Simon Moesch
  Quad 1 Representative (1)  
  Quad 2 Representative (1) Chad Cousino

On-Campus Apartments Representative (1)

Will Barnwell


































Referendum Questions:

  1. Do you support a $0.50 increase in the Student Activity Fee to increase the North Wind's allocation by $0.50 in order to 
    support their mission on campus?
    Yes or No.

  2. NOTE: This question is an attempt to collect student opinion on this issue and IS NOT a referendum. Your answer IS 
    NOT a vote for or against a Green Fund. Would you support a $5.00 fee that students could "opt-out" to fund 
    socially, economically and environmentally sustainable initiatives and activities on campus?
    Yes or No.