Historical Research and Critical Thinking: How to Think About and Analyze Primary Sources

This workshop introduces students to the basic concepts and skills of critical thinking and their application in the analysis and interpretation of primary sources found in archives.The workshop is a two-hour PowerPoint presentation and discussion that includes a hands-on practical exercise with copies of primary sources found in the Central Upper Peninsula and Northern Michigan University Archives. The university archivist offers this course to NMU faculty as a supplement to their regular curriculum each semester.

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Archives 101: What's in an Archives and How to Use It

This workshop provides students a basic introduction to archives and historical research.  The workshop is a one-hour PowerPoint presentation that includes discussion and a practical exercise.

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Basic Archival Management for Small Historical Societies and Museums

Sponsored by the Michigan Archival Association, this all-day workshop introduces staff and volunteers of small historical societies and museums to the complexities of archival management.  The university archivist conducts the workshop each summer in June on the Northern Michigan University campus.  Each year, the workshop covers one or two aspects of archival management.  The workshop is free and open to the public.

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