Transfer Procedures for Records to the University Records Center

University offices and programs should regularly transfer inactive official records to the University Records Center (URC). The URC offers a free, secure, and environmentally friendly storage facility for your important university records. The following procedures are provided to assist offices in transferring records to the URC. Feel free to contact staff at x1241 or at any time during this process should you have questions or problems.

In order to make document or folder retrieval easy for URC staff, please follow the instructions below. For instance, if you do not submit a folder inventory it makes it difficult for staff to search for folders or documents in a timely manner.  

Step One: Organize and Arrange Files for Transfer

Most offices organize their records according to the overall function or activity of a group of records like project documents, student files, or budget records. These records generally have the same date, fiscal year, or logical chronological grouping. The files are normally arranged in an alphabetic, numeric, or alphanumeric filing system. For more on file arrangement, please click here.

Arranging files can be a daunting and confusing process, especially if there is institutional history of poor file management. It may be necessary to meet with records management staff to review records and create a more organized plan for arrangement and transfer to the URC.


Step Two: Appropriate Boxes for Transferurcboxes_tall.jpg

Due to the size of the shelving units in the URC, we can only accept standard record center boxes (one cubic foot) for transfer and storage. You may order these boxes through the Central Services ordering site. After logging in, under Categories select ‘Warehouse Products’ and then click ‘Buy Now.’ On the ordering form under both ‘Size’ and ‘Type’ select Archive Boxes, and then enter the number of boxes you would like to purchase. If you have any questions, you can call Central Services at x2454.

In the case of special circumstances, the URC will accept records of unusual size, shape, or form. Please contact records management staff to discuss the transfer, arrangement, and transfer of these uniquely sized documents or other ephemera.



Step Three: Proper Box Etiquette

Once you have arranged and acquired the appropriate record center boxes, it is time to properly fill, inventory, and label the boxes. All documents should be in a standard manila folder (no loose papers or hanging folders), and each folder should be labeled and dated. You are strongly encouraged to weed or discard documents as dictated by each record series’ Disposition Guideline. If you are unsure of whether or not to discard something, please contact records management staff before moving forward.

After the boxes are full, you MUST create and include a folder-level inventory for each box transferred to the URC. Please attach the full inventory to the Record Transmittal Form which should be located in the first box of each series transferred.

Proper labeling of boxes helps staff distinguish between different series when transferred at the same time. Using a pencil, and pencil only, please mark the box number in the upper right hand corner on the front of the box. For example, an office transfers 5 boxes of Faculty Personnel Records to the URC. The boxes should be labeled in order as 1/5, 2/5, 3/5, etc. When the boxes arrive and are accessioned at the URC, staff will complete the appropriate box labeling.

Step Four: Transfer to the University Records Center

When new record transfers are processed at the URC, each unique series receives its own accession record in our internal database. Therefore, it is imperative that if transferring multiple record series at the same time, each record series receives its own Record Transmittal Form. This not only helps URC staff process the boxes, but it also prevents any confusion as to which boxes belong to which record series.

URC staff will not pick-up and transfer records from your office to the URC unless extremely special circumstances dictate otherwise. When you are ready to transfer your boxes, go to the Central Services web site to fill out the appropriate work order. After logging in, select ‘Work Order’ from the Category tab on the main page. On the work order form, check the box on the top of the page titled ‘Move.’ In the ‘Brief Description’ box indicate that you have boxes that need to be transferred to the University Records Center (General Services Building – Archival Storage). If after submitting a work order and your boxes have still not been picked up, you should contact Central Services to inquire about the status of your work order.