The Martha and Perry Hatch Papers

Accession Number: M01-08 and M01-11
Collection Number: MSS-101
Volume: 4 cubic feet
Inclusive Dates: 1935-1975
Prepared by Andrea Simons

Complete EAD finding aid

Biographical Sketch:

Perry Hatch was born on August 16, 1888, in Marquette, Michigan.  At the age of 22, he began work as a Boy Scout leader for Michigan’s firs troop, Hiawathaland Council, and continued as a scout master until his death in 1975.  He also worked as a banker for the Marquette National Bank.  Mr. Hatch was a respected and honored leader in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and won several awards for his service to Boy Scouts. 

Martha Hatch was born Martha Breidemeir on June 27, 1899, in Barnesville, Minnesota, where she attended school to become a nurse.  Mrs. Hatch continued her studies and became a teacher.  She taught public school in Texas, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Marquette, Michigan.  In Marquette, Martha Hatch became Northern Michigan University’s first staff nurse and instructor in the school’s Licensed Practical Nursing program.  Martha Hatch married Perry Hatch in 1937.  They had no children and Martha Hatch died in 1999.

Scope and Content Note:

This collection documents the lives of Martha and Perry Hatch and contains correspondence, greeting cards, photographs, instructional materials, financial records, and newspaper clippings.  The collection contains nursing instruction material, such as rosters, examinations, and personal notes.  Also included are records concerning Perry Hatch’s involvement in Boy Scouts, such as group activities and trips, photographs, and badges.  Both activities are also well-documented in the collection’s correspondence series.  Of particular note are photographs of the family and family events.  Various program guides also document the Hatchs’ involvement in many community-wide events. 

Provenance Note:

Mr. Perry Laing, the Hatchs’ grandson, donated the collection to the Central Upper Peninsula and Northern Michigan University Archives on July 18, 2001. 

Record Series Descriptions:

Series 1: Correspondence, 1910-1990, 3 Folders

This series contains the letters of Martha and Perry Hatch throughout their lives. It contains letters written to Martha from Perry and friends, letters to Perry from Martha and friends, and letters addressed to both.

Series 2: Nursing School Records, 1949-1985, 7 Folders

This series contains information on the nursing classes Martha Hatch taught. It also contains nursing examinations, a textbook, rosters of the classes, and Martha’s personal lesson plans.

Series 3: Boy Scouting Program Records, 1910-1983, 10 Folders

This series contains information on the Hiawathaland Boy Scouting Council and troop. It contains the history of the troop and a lot of photographs and negatives on their trips to Isle Royale. This series also contains rosters of scouts and leaders, meeting minutes, information on the Bart King Memorial, and correspondence.

Series 4: Programs, Stories, and Poems, 1919-1990, 4 Folders

This collection contains Christmas plays, stories and school plays, city wide events and programs. It also contains poems by Mr. Hatch and others and a bit of family history.

Series 5: Bay Cliff Camp Records, 1934-1983, 2 Folders

This series contains newspaper articles on the founder Elba L. Morse and about Bay Cliff Camp. It also contains a 50 year anniversary booklet and the events of that weekend.

Series 6: First United Methodist Church Records, 1945-1986, 5 Folders

This series contains Sunday morning bulletins and Women’s Society booklets that Martha Hatch belonged to. It also contains misc. items from church events and some information on Christians things.

Series 7: Greeting Cards, 1925-1996, 3 Folders

This series contains many Christmas cards, Thanksgiving, Easter, and Valentine’s Day cards. It also contains birthday and sympathy cards.

Series 8: Maps and Broachers of Michigan and miscellaneous Items, 1925-1990, 2 Folders

This series contains maps of early Michigan and safety tips on driving and riding a bike. It also contains membership cards, awards, pins and several other small misc. items.

Series 9: Newspaper Clippings, 1950-1995, 1 Folder

This series contains obituaries of friends and family members.

Series 10: Interview of Earl Semer, 1965, 1 Folder

This series contains a Reel to Reel of an interview of Earl Semer conducted by either Martha or Perry Hatch.

Box and Folder Inventory:

Box 1.

    Series 1: Correspondence

            Folder 1: Letters to Martha Hatch

            Folder 2: Letters to Perry Hatch

            Folder 3: Letters to Martha and Perry Hatch

    Series 2: Nursing School Records

            Folder 1: Lesson Plans and Notes for Martha’s Classes

            Folder 2: Nursing Course Book and Examinations 1949-1950

            Folder 3: Nursing Itineraries and Procedures

            Folder 4: Nursing Rosters and Members of the Elba L. Morse Club 1948-1985

            Folder 5: Nursing misc.

            Folder 6: Broachers and Pamphlets

            Folder 7: Newspaper Clippings of Martha and Nurses

    Series 3: Boy Scout Program Records

            Folder 1: Boy Scout History of Troop 1 in Marquette

            Folder 2: General Information on their Lodge and Scouting

            Folder 3: Rosters of Scouts, Leaders, and Members of the Perry Hatch Memorial

            Folder 4: Meeting Minutes 1967-1983 (some years missing)

            Folder 5: Scouting Trust Funds and Budgets

            Folder 6: Correspondence

            Folder 7: Scouting Pamphlets, Broachers, and Maps

            Folder 8: Newspaper Clippings of Members and Awards

            Folder 9: Bart King Memorial

            Folder 10: Hiawathaland Council Newspapers

    Series 4: Programs, Stories, and Poems

            Folder 1: Christmas Plays 1919-1920

            Folder 2: Stories and School Plays

            Folder 3: City Wide Programs and Events

            Folder 4: Poems of Perry Hatch and Others, Family History

    Series 5: Bay Cliff Camp Records

            Folder 1: Bay Cliff Camp Records for 50th Anniversary 1934-1983

            Folder 2: Newspaper Articles about Bay Cliff and Founder Elba L. Morse

    Series 6: First United Methodist Church Records

            Folder 1: Sunday Morning Church Bulletins 1945-1980

            Folder 2: Sunday Morning Church Bulletins 1980-1997

            Folder 3: Women’s Society Booklets 1950-1970

Folder 4: Women’s Society Booklets 1970-1986

Folder 5: Church misc.

Box 2.

     Series 7: Greeting Cards

            Folder 1: Christmas Cards 1925-1934

            Folder 2: Christmas Cards 1963-1967, 1991, 1996

            Folder 3: Thanksgiving, Easter, Birthday, and Sympathy Cards

    Series 8: Maps and Broachers of Michigan and misc. items

            Folder 1: Maps and Broachers of Michigan

            Folder 2: Drawings, Awards, Pins, Membership Cards and misc. items

    Series 9: Newspaper Clippings

            Folder 1: Obituaries

    Series 10: Interview of Earl Semer

            Folder 1: Reel to Reel of Earl Semer’s Biography