More Genealogical Resources

Looking for more genealogical research help? Want to read about the genealogical research of others? Check out the links below!


Genealogy Blogs

  • Hoosier Daddy?: This blog is a serial narrative about one man’s family history and his genealogical research process.

Sites with Lists of Genealogy Blogs

Online Magazines

Directory of Early Michigan Photographers 

  • Tinder Directory: A directory of all significant and amateur photographers in the state focusing around the 1920's. 

Genealogy Podcasts

  • Genealogy Guys: A bi-monthly podcast featuring current genealogical news, research methods, and listener questions.
  • Fieldstone Common: A weekly podcast about history and genealogy.

Genealogical Television Series

  • Genealogy Roadshow: The series' homepage will direct you to more tips on conducting personal genealogical research. The Genealogy Roadshow features participants with unique family histories and the genealogists that research their claims. If you are interested in watching this show, it airs on PBS Tuesdays at 8pm.

Free Genealogy Software

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Links to Genealogy Forms (Pedigree Charts, Census Information Charts, etc.)

Check out this Virtual Genealogy Fair from the National Archives!
Day One
Day Two
Day Three