AIS 330: Management and Use of Archival Information

Course Introduction:

Effective management and use of archival information by students in the social sciences requires an understanding of the purposes, functions, and activities that lead to the creation and maintenance of recorded information. This course will review the nature of information, records, historical documentation, archival administration and practice, and the role of archives in modern society. Students will learn and apply in lab exercises the skills necessary to understand and implement archival functions and research methods.

This course is a core requirement for the History Department's public history minor. 

Course Objectives:

1) Students will obtain an understanding of archival practice and its application in the professional environment.

2) Students will obtain an understanding of basic research methods in the critical analysis of primary sources.

This course is designed to be interactive. Students will receive instruction and insight from other information professionals, apply theory in practical lab exercises, and critically analyze professional literature. Students will be expected to behave in a professional manner.

Specific topics covered by the course:

  • course introduction and tour of the Central Upper Peninsula and Northern Michigan University Archives
  • The historical development and a general overview of the archival profession – its general principles and practice
  • basic document conservation, preservation and repair
  • archival appraisal and acquisition
  • archival arrangement: principles and practice
  • principles and standards of archival description, MARC:AMC and encoded archival description (EAD)
  • archival reference
  • outreach, public programs and education