Parent Portal Action Project

September 1, 2012 - January 31, 2014

Project Description

Project origination: Service Unit Outcomes Assessment Plans - Registrars Office

Project description: To more readily provide information to parents by increasing the ease of allowing students to grant access to parents and/or others to their protected information (grades, class schedules, etc.), Northern Michigan University will implement software options in the student information system. Potential concerns will be identified, researched and resolved. Effectiveness measures will be considered and selected for a one year follow-up on satisfaction, usage and impact of that usage.

Project rationale: Communicating information, as well as providing students with on-line tools and services, is important to us.  Over the past five to ten years, both students and parents have increasingly expressed the desire to have a way for parents to access some of their student’s information beyond just their bill.  Currently, there is no way for the University to share this important information with parents, as we are prevented from doing so directly by FERPA.  This project would provide a solution to parents who are requesting protected information from the University, as well as to students who are looking for an easy way to share information with their parents, by putting the control of that access in the hands of the student.

Project Scope:

The primary units affected by this Parent Portal project are the Registrar’s Office, Student Services Center and the Dean of Student’s Office due to parental inquiries.  In addition, Information Technology may need to be involved in the implementation of the software.  Other impacted units would be any staff interacting with students regarding their academic record, to include Orientation staff, Academic and Career Advisement Center, Financial Aid, and academic departments.