October 2010 - April 2012

Project Description: As interest has grown amongst students and employers alike, awareness has grown that the processes associated with internships at NMU are sometimes inconsistent, weakly documented and administration is variable in attention to detail.  This project will undertake a thorough review of all forms of internship and work experience programs at NMU, enable campus-wide discussion of a draft set of common guidelines and procedures that monitor structured placements and internships, consider legal issues, and collect and track data on these entities. A goal of this project would be to establish a strong on-going relationship between the Career Services office and the department internship coordinators.

Action Project Committee



  • January 2012 - Deans, Department Heads and Directors
  • March 2012 - Academic Cabinet
  • April 2012 - Work Experience Directors
  • April 2012 - Academic Department Heads