Why Northern Michigan University?

Why NMU should be your choice for appraisal continuing education


What is a webinar?

Webinars are a convenient, enjoyable, and easy way to meet your continuing education requirements and stay current on important and timely appraisal-related issues.

There's a video on the Webinar tab, called "Webinars Made Easy" that explains what a webinar is in more detail.  Briefly, webinars create a virtual classroom that allows our instructors to conduct "live," real-time seminars, delivered to you over the web.  You can "text chat" questions and comments to the instructors for prompt responses and be part of a "live" event, rather than just sitting at your computer, reading the lesson and taking quizzes.


What is Northern Michigan University?

Northern Michigan University (NMU) is a public university located in Marquette, Michigan.  NMU first opened its doors in 1899 with 32 students and 6 faculty members.  It has since become a dynamic, four-year, public, comprehensive university that offers a total of 180 degree programs to nearly 10,000 undergraduate and graduate students.


Does NMU offer online distance education today?

Yes.  NMU is one of the largest computer campuses in the United States and has received national and international awards for its innovative work in the area of technology for higher education.  But what’s really of interest for appraisers is the University’s education program for appraisers.


How long has NMU offered appraisal-related education?

NMU has been active in providing off-campus education to real estate appraisers for nearly 20 years in traditional classroom settings mostly in Michigan, as well as Wisconsin, Florida and Nevada.  This is how the University's association with our instructors, Richard Heyn, SRA and Dawn Molitor-Gennrich, SRA, began.

Dawn and Rich have co-authored a number of the classroom continuing education seminars offered by NMU.  Rich has been an appraisal seminar instructor for NMU for about 15 years.


How does this educational partnership work?

Northern Michigan University has extensive experience in delivering distance education in a number of other disciplines. Consequently, when our instructors, Richard Heyn, SRA and Dawn Molitor-Gennrich, SRA created a business venture that uses web conferencing technology or “webinars” to deliver education to appraisers, NMU was a natural fit.   The University is the sponsoring entity; Dawn and Rich are the developers and instructors.  It’s a great match because, just like the University, Dawn and Rich view education as a cause, not just a business.


Is anyone else offering appraisal-related continuing education webinars?

Northern Michigan University is the first entity in the United States to use web conferencing technology to deliver appraiser continuing education (CE) that qualifies for State CE credit.  We began in our home state of Michigan but are now expanding the program.  The “Webinar Schedule” tab on this website identifies which states have approved specific webinars and the University is in the process of obtaining approvals in additional states.  NMU objectives for course development include compliance with the Appraiser Qualification Board’s Real Property Appraiser Qualification Criteria for distance education.


What is NMU’s goal for appraisal-related webinar continuing education?

At NMU, meaningful and practical education comes first. Our webinars meet the University's objectives by creating a “live,” interactive educational environment that’s also enjoyable. We incorporate useful and practical knowledge you can directly apply to your appraisal practice.  You acquire this useful information by actively participating in a dynamic environment that allows you to directly interact with the instructors and learn from the questions, comments and experiences of other appraisers. Just like in the classroom.

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