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The Wildcat Resource Network is bringing alumni and students together to enhance their personal and professional success. Following are the areas we are seeking alumni expertise, as well as areas students and new graduates can receive assistance.

If you are willing and able to serve as a resource for an area listed, please sign up here. Looking to connect with alumni? Email alumni@nmu.edu with your request. 

Industry Q&A

Alumni can connect with individual NMU students and new graduates to answer brief questions or share your experiences regarding specific industries or fields.

Knowledge Share

Alumni can share with a broad audience or group of NMU students your knowledge of an industry, field or special topic area. Some examples are a white paper distributed electronically, blog or social media posts or virtual presentations.

Mock Interviews

Alumni can conduct mock interviews to help students prepare for real-life interview situations. Interviews can be conducted in person, by phone or virtual (Zoom style).

Resume and Cover Letter Review

Alumni can review and offer advice on resume and cover letter development.

Grad School Prep Assistance

Alumni can assist NMU students and recent graduates prepare for grad school, including keeping the application process on schedule, choosing the right program, and more.

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Alumni can connect with an NMU student or fellow graduate who is looking to move or i snew to their area to answer questoins about the city or region in which they live. Topics can include neighborhood advice, childcare options, local business information, and more.

Life Skill Shares

Money Management: Alumni can provide advice on establishing sound financial habits, such as setting up a personal budget to balance income, monthly living expenses, paying off debt, planning for larger purchases, and retirement, while also living life a little.

This program is a partnership between the NMU Alumni Association and Career Services.