Your Northern Story

"I believe my life has changed as a result of the experiences at NMU because it helped me to learn communications skills to interact with people of all ages; gave me that 'can do' attitude of confidence aided by a quality education that many employers are seeing in employees."

"I feel like I am a very confident person due to my experiences at NMU. I was never a risk-taker before Northern, I always stayed within the status quo. NMU gave me the push I needed."

These are the words of Northern alumni when they share their Northern Story.

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L. Garnet Lewis '86 shares her favorite memories.

Jon "Jack" LaSalle '71

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The NMU Alumni Association Board of Directors wants to help get you started. At its winter meeting, board members sat down and shared some of their memories. Click on the names to hear their Northern Story.
Kris Day '94 Eric Bolduc '94
Alan Swanson '05 Sandy MacLean '56
Fritz Nelson '73 Alice Hancock '88
Julee Kaurala '05 Bob Glascott '67
Fred Stonehouse '70, '77 Rebecca Thompson '09
David Wirth '72 Rich Dabney '87
Jeremy Pickens '01 Curt Tucker '82, '08
April Lindala '97, '03, '06 Janet Nellis Mendler '68
Linda Rippel '83 Jim Jenkin '81, '84
Kelly Wagner '98 Jim Skoglund '82
Pat Wilson '92 Carissa Waters '04
Doreen Avenall '96, '99  

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