What's New, NMU? For the week of July 19, 2010

What's New, NMU?

For the week of July 19, 2010

From the 6th floor

After a weekend of mixed weather, sunshine and rain, commuters drove into Marquette to see foggy skies. As for the week ahead it is more of the same, a chance of rain each day with the temperature in the mid 70's to 80 degrees.

NMU Board sets tuition

The NMU Board of Trustees approved 2010-11 tuition and fees, along with a $1.1 million increase in financial aid at their July 9 meeting. The rate for full-time resident undergraduates is $205 more per semester. But the fall increase will be reduced to only $13 after NMU applies a $192 stimulus credit.

Northern previously announced that it would offer a tuition credit to Michigan full-time undergraduate students this fall with the $1.3 million it received through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Universities were required to use the one-time stimulus funding for this purpose or to improve academic facilities.

The annual cost for full-time resident undergraduates is $7,864, a 5.5 percent increase from the previous rate of $7,454. With the credit, this year’s actual cost is $7,667, or a 2.9 percent increase. Northern will continue to have the second-lowest tuition and fees among Michigan’s 15 public universities. Trustee Gil Ziegler cast the only vote against the proposal.

Because out-of-state students are not eligible for the stimulus credit, the NMU board voted to hold tuition increases for nonresident undergraduates to $226. Graduate students will pay $28 more per credit hour regardless of residency. A full rate schedule can be found at www.nmu.edu/tuition. The tuition model presented to the board assumed a 3.1 percent reduction in state appropriations, a 2.5 percent increase in operating expenses and steady enrollment.

Read more here.

Summer study abroad increased

Participation in summer study abroad programs has more than doubled from the 2009 rate. Thirty students are expanding their educational horizons overseas through NMU partner organizations, student exchanges or internship opportunities. This compares with 14 last year. The figure does not include new international week-long programs for incoming freshmen, faculty-led experiences or student teaching assignments.

“Students are looking to utilize all of their time in college,” said Miriam Moeller from NMU International Programs. “Summer study abroad programs are appealing because they are short, intensive and cheaper than semester-long programs. During the semester, students can focus on upper-level classes they can only take here on campus. That doesn’t mean they can’t go abroad for a semester and graduate at a similar time. It just takes advance planning and coordination.”

Read more about international opportunities.

Dakota House reunion

The men (and a few women) of Dakota House hosted their semi-annual reunion in Marquette July 9-10. Dakota House is located in Halverson Hall and is one of only three original houses that still exist in the NMU residence halls. More than 60 former residents attended the weekend activities. Events included a golf outing, reception and cook-out, along with stops at favorite Marquette haunts.

Six former resident advisers from Dakota House were in attendance. They included:
Jim Fischer '70, Lenny Geiger '72, Dave Bonsall '73, Dennis Hawk '76, Scott Hazel and Katie Puroll '04.

All four of the Bonsall brothers lived in Dakota House over the years:
Steve '80, Dan '81, Paul '76, Dave '73.

Football reunions

Football Wildcats from the 1980s got together in Marquette this past weekend. Friday evening, they spent time at the NMU Superior Dome and met with current football head coach Bernie Anderson and some of his staff.

Look for more photos from the weekend in the next edition of "What's New, NMU?"

New alumni blog up and running

What is life like after NMU? Northern alumna Traci Michaud '07 is blogging for several weeks about her time at NMU and her current experience in the Northern Virginia Writing Project--5 weeks of intensive writing with 24 other K-12 teachers.
Current post.

Interesting in blogging for us? Let us know.

The story behind the hot air balloon over the Dome

Were you one of the many people who spotted this hot air balloon hovering over the Superior Dome? A hot air balloon sighting is rather rare in Marquette. This one belongs to Jeff Haliczer ’83 of Reno, Nev. Jeff was in the area visiting his son, Kevin, who is a current student at NMU. Jeff needed to perform maintenance on the balloon and received approval to work on the balloon in the open field at the Dome. The balloon did have to remain tethered it to the trailer for safety purposes.

Throughout the summer, Jeff travels to hot air ballooning events nationwide. He has two balloons, the one shown here, Synchronicity, and a second balloon, Off The Wall.  During the remainder of the year, he flies when he has time off from his teaching position.

We've put together a photo album. Check it out here.

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