Alumni Legacy Scholarships

Send your children to Northern

Michigan Resident Alumni Dependents:  The NMU Alumni Heritage Award is a $250 first-year award for children of Michigan resident alumni who earned an Associate degree or higher from NMU.  Awarded to all eligible new first-year or transfer students, beginning the semester of Fall 2017. The student should apply for admission to NMU and the alumnus parent should register at

Non-Michigan Resident Alumni Dependents: The Alumni Dependent tuition program enables dependents (children and grandchildren, ages 24 or younger) of out-of-state NMU alumni to pay in-state tuition rates. Graduates with an associate degree or higher earned this special benefit. Certification form requirement, click here.

To take advantage of these programs call:1-800-682-9797
Ask for information about the Alumni Dependent Tuition Program or e-mail the NMU Admissions office at


Alumni Legacy Scholarship

The Alumni Legacy Scholarship is offered exclusively to students whose parent or grandparent is a Northern Michigan University alumnus/na and resides in the state of Michigan. The NMU Alumni Association will award ten $1,000 Legacy Scholarships annually. Student recipients may re-apply.

In order to qualify for this award, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be the child or grandchild of an NMU graduate
  • Must be a Michigan resident attending NMU, having earned at least 60 credits (Junior status)
  • Must be a continuous, full-time student enrolled in at least 12 credit hours per semester for the duration of the award
  • Must complete and return the Alumni Legacy Certification form (on application system) by the specified deadline.
  • Must complete a Personal Statement paper that addresses the following:
        --Please describe your extracurricular involvement (school, community and/or
          spiritual organizations) during the past three years;   
        --For your parent (grandparent) who is an alum, what do they describe to you as their best memory of their NMU experience?
        --Why did you choose to attend NMU?
        --Any other information you would like to share with the scholarship committee.

Students wishing to apply should visit the NMU scholarship website to access the form and application deadline information.


Ann Tardiff '16
Year: Senior
Hometown: Gladstone, MI
Major: Social Work

Ann spent the summer as a youth camp counselor at Camp Batawgama on the shores of Indian Lake here in the Upper Peninsula. According to its website, the camp provides "a safe and wholesome environment surrounded by nature with a sound and moral philosophy of fairness and respect for one another." Ann says that the job taught her a lot about working with children and that social work was the right major for her. She is active in the Student Social Work Organization and plans on pursuing a master's in social work after graduating from NMU. 

"I am so honored to be one of the recipients of the Alumni Legacy Scholarship. This scholarship will help me financially as I continue to pursue my goals."

2015-2016 Alumni Legacy Scholarship recipient Ann Tardiff '16