Committees of the Board

The mission of the Northern Michigan University Alumni Association is to cultivate a strong tradition of loyalty among alumni, students, friends and community, while advancing the interests of the university.

NMU Alumni Association Board of Directors Committees and Responsibilities

Executive Board Comprised of the president, vice president, committee chairs, the immediate past-president and up to two other members nominated and elected from its membership.
The purpose is to review items up for discussion at the full board meeting, thus helping the board run more efficiently.

(Ad Hoc)

Chair : Jim Jenkin '81, '84

Board Development Committee
Executive Committee
Serves to evaluate nominees, select and recognize contributions by NMU alumni for all awards. Identify candidates for Alumni Achievement Award, Distinguished Alumni, Outstanding Young Alumni, Alumni Service and Alumni Civic Leadership, based on the criteria for each award.

Develop board recognition standards. Develops strategies on methods to solicit award nominations.


Board Development
(Ad Hoc)

Chair: Jeremy Pickens '01


Identify candidates for the Alumni Board of Directors, including president and vice president positions. Establish guidelines for the nomination of new members. Develop orientation program for new board members and update board manual. Monitors the board by-laws.

(Ad Hoc)

Chair: Alice Hancock '88
Analyze and determine appropriate new income-generating programs for the Alumni Association. Review and evaluate revenue streams for the Alumni Association. Assist with the development and approval of Alumni Association annual operating budget.

Strategic Planning
(Ad Hoc)

Chair: Jim Skoglund '82
Create an Alumni Association strategic plan to guide the organization. Review progress, revise and update at each board meeting.
Strategic Plan Working Committees
Innovation Chair: Paul Millenbach '84
Utilize corporate partners to promote international opportunities; utilize corporate partners to increase internship opportunities for students; implement a framework for integration and collaboration between the NMU Foundation, Alumni Relations and Academic Affairs to support academic innovation and student success.
Meaningful Lives Chair: Jim Jenkin '81, '84
Establish a "think tank" to encourage new ideas that will leverage our technical expertise and high tech corporate partners in order to bring external resources to the university; create an enhanced infrastructure that will continually expand the availability and variety of new technological tools and services; develop a virtual campus that provides reliable, convenient access to online courses and other essential student services.
Campus Attributes Chair: Nicole Kreis '01
Establish strategies for implementation of the Campus Master Plan that ensures the highest level of input from NMU and the local community as components of the plan are implemented; work to enhance opportunities, funding and events that strengthen and increase university area that focus on the Upper Peninsula; be a model for sustainable education and practices.
Community Engagement Chair: Rebecca Thompson '09
Create a new community engagement award that will be given to faculty, staff and students who have exhibited an outstanding commitment to community engagement; develop a resource plan for the Superior Edge and academic service learning programs to ensure optimal growth; provide new faculty and staff with an on-the-road orientation of the U.P. to connect them with ideas that will promote community and regional involvement.