Library and Instructional Support Advisory Committee


The Library and Instructional Support Advisory Committee (LISAC) is charged by the Academic Senate to “make recommendations regarding collections, policies and services of LIS; to support and foster faculty and student research, especially the use of resources in the library, archives, and academic computing.” Library and Instructional Support consists of the following units and functions:

Lydia Olson Library - collects books, journals and other materials, provides access to numerous electronic databases, equips each academic department with a liaison librarian who assists with library instruction, collection development and library-related concerns.

Computing Helpdesk(IT) - provides students and faculty with information and support related to the computing environment at NMU

Instructional Design and Technology (IDT) Instructional Design and Technology provides access to instructional media, equipment, support services and works to improve the classroom environment. Within the IDT is The Center for Instructional Technology in Education (CITE) is a resource center where faculty can go to learn about, experiment with, and get advice and assistance with a variety of instructional technology tools. The CITE may be best known as the place to get assistance with NMU's online course management systems, NMU EduCat™. It is also a "faculty sandbox" for a variety of other hardware and software that can be used to enhance teaching and learning online and in classrooms.

Central Upper Peninsula and Northern Michigan University Archives - manages university and historical materials relating to Northern Michigan University and the central Upper Peninsula of Michigan

LISAC acts in a liaison capacity to represent the faculty by making recommendations to the Academic Senate. The Committee is particularly interested in questions, suggestions or concerns you may have regarding the information, resources, instructional and interpretative consulting services provided by LIS to support the teaching, research and outreach missions of you, your department, and the university. To that end, LISAC encourages faculty to contact current members with any issues that might be addressed. We thank you!