Timing is Everything

Students pulling up kayaks on beachSince each section of the test is timed literally to the second, pacing is critical. By taking practice examinations, you can become acquainted with the time frame and be prepared for the feeling of working under pressure. Something else that will help you with the time crunch is knowing your own test-taking style. When you take the reading test, for example, which should you read first, the passage or the questions? Should you read slowly or quickly? On the English test, which types of questions do you always get right? Which kind do you stumble over? Are the diagrams on the science reasoning test more comprehensible to you than the charts? Do you coast through algebra problems but get bogged down in trigonometry? The more you know about your personal test-taking style, the better you'll do. On test day, when your supervisor announces that there are five minutes left for this section, complete the questions you know first. In the case of the ACT, fill in answers to all questions at this time. In the case of the SAT, only answer questions where you can eliminate at least one or two of the answers.