Test Day

Students chatting in the lobbySo, you're ready for the big day! After a good night's sleep, get up early, eat a good breakfast, and arrive at the test site fifteen minutes before the test begins. Arrive thirty minutes ahead of time if you are not familiar with the location.

Take with you:

  1. Your SAT or ACT ticket of admission.
  2. Three or more sharpened #2 pencils with erasers.
  3. Identification-photo, transcripts, or school letter. The photo must be part of an ID document or from a recent yearbook or newspaper and be captioned. Transcripts with photo or a letter on school letterhead are acceptable, with certain restrictions. Please see the registration documents for additional requirements regarding transcripts or letters.
  4. A dependable watch.
  5. Calculators (optional). You may use a calculator on the ACT math test, but don't use one unless you are accustomed to doing so. Bring one that you are accustomed to using, but not one that makes noise, uses paper tapes, or requires a power cord. The SAT does allow you to bring a calculator.