Taking the Test as a Junior

Snow SculptingIf you take the test as a junior, you will get a clearer picture of your prospects for admission to the colleges you may be considering. As a result, you can make more realistic college plans. In Michigan, all juniors take the ACT as part of the Michigan Merit Exam in March of each year. Visit the Michigan Department of Education To learn more about the Michigan Merit Exam. Other states such as Illinois, and Colorado have similar programs.

Whether you take the ACT as part of your state's test, you will have more opportunities to retake the test of your choice. Hoping to improve scores, students often use the time between exams to prepare themselves more thoroughly. According to research, of students that retook the ACT 55 percent increased their composite/overall score, 22 percent had no change in their score and 23 percent decreased their score. At Northern Michigan University, there is no penalty for multiple scores. We take your highest score. However, other schools may average the scores so it is important to ask the schools to which you are planning to apply. NMU also does not need your writing score but, again, other schools may require it.