Stopping the Scale

Students of Neuroscience putting on headpiece

Instead of grabbing only the fattening foods in the Wildcat Den, opt instead for healthy, protein-rich foods like grilled chicken, fish and veggie burgers. Make a meal of a salad, being sure to choose as many different colors of vegetables as possible. Remember to go with low-cal dressing, too.

NMU's Dining Services accommodates vegetarian and vegan diners with meals balanced with right combination of proteins, calcium and vitamins. We even have a dietitian available to answer your questions about healthy food choices.

To keep you going through the day, grab a piece of fruit with you as you leave the dining hall for a quick snack on the go.

For late night studying, stock your residence hall room snackables with fat-free popcorn, low-fat peanut butter and low-fat granola bars.

Be aware of eating simply to stay awake while studying. Instead, get an energy boost by going for a short walk, running up and down the stairs for five minutes, making yourself some tea or practice yoga.

Don't forget that you can bring your own small refrigerator for your room. You'll then be able to keep those baby carrots, celery sticks, and other healthy treats within easy reach when the urge to snack hits.