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Studens by Lake Superior With eight admissions counselors based regionally throughout the Midwest and seven admissions counselors based on campus, we are in a unique position to serve you where YOU are. We offer (at no charge) programs and services for you and the students you counsel.

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Here are some examples of what we can do:

  • Present a “Parent of a Future Senior” program that will inform parents and students of “what to do when” during the high school years in preparation for college.
  • Present the ACT “Get Set For College” program. The program is suitable for students in 7th to 11th grades and is a six-step multi-media presentation educating students on how to choose the college that best fits their needs and goals.
  • Present on various academic topics. The presentation covers basic career information, average salaries, etc. for the major programs of study at NMU.
  • Present information to students about the notebook computer program at NMU. The initiative equips every full-time student with a notebook computer, software and service for their personal and educational use. Learn the exciting ways faculty and students are using this tool.
  • Share information about NMU Admissions standards, scholarships, programs, financial aid and college life with prospective students.
  • Conduct individual on-site admissions meetings with students at your high school.
  • Award students with their NMU scholarships at academic honors programs.
  • Inform students, parents and guidance counselors of NMU open houses.
  • Offer a “how to” presentation on financial aid and college applications.
  • Create workshops for students and parents regarding various college-related items (i.e. How to Get Involved in College Organizations).
  • Coordinate a visit by an NMU Student Ambassador (current NMU student) to share information about NMU with your students.
  • Host a panel discussion composed of 1) current college students, 2) high school students and 3) parents with children either in college or in high school.
  • Provide a list of questions for high school students to ask when speaking with any college admissions representative.
  • Pair high school students with a NMU alumni for a workplace visit or establish a pen pal partnership via e-mail.
  • Provide custom presentations that are tailored to discussion topics, needs and interests of the student group. These can be day, evening or weekend programs involving parents and students.
  • Host special group visits to campus. These visits vary by region and group type, but may include 8th graders, Talent Search or Upward Bound groups.
  • Inform students of dual enrollment opportunities at NMU.