Transfer Credit, Course Guides and Agreements

Northern Michigan University provides transfer tools and resources to assist future students as they plan and prepare for an efficient transfer to NMU.  Whether you have already completed the coursework and want to know how it will transfer, or are looking to plan out additional coursework before transferring, the resources below should be able to assist you.

In many cases, it is recommended that you use these tools and resources with a high school or community college counselor, and/or your NMU admissions counselor.  

Transfer Credit

The Transfer Credit tool allows people to search through previously evaluated courses from many U.S. colleges and universities and see how the courses transfer to NMU.

This tool is best for future students seeking an informal look at how completed coursework will transfer to NMU.*  It is also useful for students planning to take a few courses prior to attending NMU. 

The tool works best when the users know the course numbers at the college/university they are transferring credit from, or the course numbers for which they are trying to receive credit for at NMU.  A useful resource to use alongside the Transfer Credit tool is NMU’s current course catalog, which can show you major, general education, and other graduation requirements.

Equivalents for AP, IB, or CLEP tests can be found here.

Transfer Course Guides

These guides are best used by someone planning to complete up to four full-time semesters before transferring to NMU from a community or technical college.  We recommend referring to the guides early and often before registering for courses elsewhere.  The guides can be helpful whether you have chosen a specific NMU major or not.*

NMU maintains a list of transfer course guides from two-year colleges in Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota; however, we may be able to provide other guides.  The guides are displayed by NMU academic major based on the college you select on the transfer course guide database.

We maintain a list of majors for which students should consider transferring to NMU after no more than one year at another college.  It is a general list, and the amount of time a student can spend at the other college depends on that college's course offerings and the structure of NMU's course sequencing for the major.  See the list here.

Don’t see the transfer course guide for your college or major?  

Please go to to request specific information about your intended major and email afterward.  We can create a transfer course guide for you!

Transfer Agreements

Northern Michigan University values its partnerships with other colleges and universities.  Agreements with our college partners fall into one of two categories:

Articulation Agreements

These are formal agreements/partnerships between NMU and at least one other college or university to provide a clearly documented path from a specific academic program or degree at another college to a specific academic program or degree at NMU.  In some cases, the agreements are general to guarantee a transfer of credits or to fulfill some requirement at NMU. 

If you were following an agreement that you do not see on this list, please contact us immediately at

Bay de Noc Community College

A.A., Network Administration to NMU’s B.S., Mobile and Web Application Development

Bay College to NMU to MSU-CHM (Early Assurance Program) agreement

Delta College

A.A.A., Electronic Media Broadcasting to NMU's B.S., Media Production and New Technology

Fox Valley Technical College

A.A.S., Construction Management Technolgy to NMU's B.S., Construction Management

A.A.S., Criminal Justice to NMU's B.S., Criminal Justice

A.A.S, Culinary Arts to NMU's B.S., Hospitality and Tourism Management (Food Service and Culinary Management Track)

A.A.S. Hospitality Management to NMU's B.S., Hospitality and Tourism Management

A.A.S. to NMU's B.S., Applied Workplace Leadership

A.A.S. Security and Asset Protection to NMU's B.S., Loss Prevention Management (Minor in Criminal Justice)

Fox Valley to NMU's Assistant Behavior Analyst Certificate

Fox Valley to NMU's B.S., Psychology

Gogebic Community College

A.A.S., Ski Area Management to NMU’s B.S., Ski Area Business Management

Lansing Community College

A.A.S., Digital Media: Transfer to NMU's Media Production and New Technology

Macomb Community College

A.A.S., Speech Communication or Intercultural/Interpersonal Communication to NMU’s B.S., Communication Studies

Nicolet College (WI)

A.A.S., Culinary Arts to NMU's B.S., Hospitality and Tourism Management (Food Service and Culinary Management Track)

North Central Michigan College

A.A., Environmental and Sustainability Studies to NMU's B.S., Environmental Studies and Sustainability

“Reverse Transfer” Agreements

These formal agreements guarantee the acceptance of NMU credits to be transferred back to the other party of the agreement.  This provides students an option to potentially complete an associate’s degree (or Michigan Transfer Agreement) at their previous institution while continuing their studies at NMU (i.e., after the student transfers).

These can be complicated to understand, and we recommend working with an NMU admissions counselor and a counselor at the other institution if you are considering this path.

We currently have “reverse transfer” agreements with:

Bay de Noc Community College

Delta College

Gogebic Community College

Kalamazoo Valley Community College

Lake Michigan College

Macomb Community College

North Central Michigan College

Northwestern Michigan College


*The transfer credit information provided reflects the current evaluation of courses from this college.  Changes will occasionally take place at NMU and your college, so the information provided is subject to change.  Students should contact an NMU admissions counselor to keep informed of these changes.